Whole Boneless Pork Loin on a Yoder YS640

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  1. My eldest daughter called me last night and asked if I would smoke a bunch of legs her and the boyfriend bought. I did a bunch of wings a couple of weeks ago and so I said okay as long as she did not want them lollipop style. She said no so I was in. Since we have dinner at our house on Sunday's I figured I would get thighs for tomorrow and smoke them. I have been toying with doing pulled pork for the guys I work with and figured since I was lighting it up might as we'll see if I could pick up a couple of picnics.

    The wife and I went to Giant where they had the thighs but no picnic. What I did spot was these whole pork loins and decided what the hell, I have no timeline except to be done tomorrow eventing. I picked up a 21.25 pounder that was on sale for half price. I got this thing home and went to work peeling the skin off but kept it attached at the shank. I then injected with apple juice and rubbed with TastyLicks Original rub mixed with their Flying Swine to add  a little heat. I rubbed the loin, pulling back the skin and then ruled the inside of the skin before laying it back over the loin. I then rubbed the rest of it and put it on my Yoder with the skin side up.

    Tomorrow morning I'll brine the chicken thighs and legs for about 2 hours with Oakridge BBQ's Brine and rub them with the Oakridge BBQ Secret Weapon chicken and pork rub.

    not sure where boneless comes in since there seems to be a bone in it, but we'll see...

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    Ummm, I think what you have there is not a boneless pork loin, but rather a fresh bonein ham. I spent 15 years in meat processing, and I can most assuredly say that you do not have a boneless pork loin. 

    Mislabeling by the retail sector is common as most store butchers are not the skilled craftsman that they once were. 

    So, now that you are dealing with a fresh ham, you might need to hone up on your carving skills as you will have a femur bone running diagonally down the middle, as well as the dreaded aitch bone (which should fall right off if you cook it to doneness).

    Best of luck with it. Still a great piece of meat. 
  3. Thanks arkage, I was just watching a video from a butcher in Manchester UK and he was showing how to get around the bone. As soon as I saw the video I figured it was a the ham and not a loin. I have smoked cured hams and pulled them so I'm not worried about doing the same with this. It's going to my work anyway on Monday and they won't care what is it is as long as it's pulled! 


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