Who you callin' turkey?!?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by wngsprnt50, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. wngsprnt50

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    Since I am sort of a clearance freak when it comes to the store, I have a 3 lb. turkey breast, and 2 2# angus steaks about 1.5" thick.  Decided to smoke the breast with just a rub and I rubbed and cut up the steaks into cubes and threw them into a foil pan.  In addition, potatoes and onions with a bottle of roasted red pepper italian dressing.  The breast was done in about 2.5 hrs.  It is sitting in the cooler resting.  I plan to smoke the rest a few more hours.  Qview will follow! 
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    nice take on the beef, that should be awesome cooked like that...I gotta get out of my box and start cooking more than just huge slabs of meat.
  3. wngsprnt50

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    Thanks Lugnutz!  I love to try different things than the norm so it worked this time.  they were pretty good too other than it did cook a little too much for my taste.  I like med rare type and these were pretty much well.  Oh well, haven't found a bad mistake yet!

    The turkey


    The steaks, sauced last 45 min.  They were really good, but were cooked a bit more than I wold have liked.


    The potatoes and onions.  Everyone else said they were good, but I didn't like the combo of the italian dressing marinade and the smoke.  Next time maybe just a garlic butter type of seasoning.


    This was the results of the second time smoking on the smoke hollow propane.  Definitely a different process than with the ECB.  I think at this point I like the charcoal smoking better, but the gasser will come in very handy this winter.  It held temps very well with the burner medium low and vent open it stayed about 240 with a 90 deg. day.  Lots of room to maneuver there.

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