Which trailered pit to get for $2-3k

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by atcnick, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. atcnick

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    If you had $2000-3000 to spend on a trailered pit what would you get? 

    -Not catering
    -Want to compete in the future
    -Want a high enough capacity that I can feed a good size family gathering.

    Thanks for the input
  2. michael ark

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  3. tyotrain

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    I am hooked on stumps right now.. They make a nice gravity fed  smoker in that price range  and it can easily be put on a trailer[​IMG]
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  4. mdboatbum

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  5. hwynboy

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    I'm totally biased I have a Lang, I'd highly recommend a Lang!  You will not be disappointed.
  6. jdt

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    I think Langs are good cookers but Ben will charge you the price of a cooker just for shipping.

    I don't have a trailer pit but I used Craig Bell from Bellfab.com, last I knew his trailer pits start at $1600 (24x60) and go up from there, with him you can option out larger tube diameters and thicker steel, turkey burners and the like if you so desire. You could easily drive up to Owasso(Tulsa OK) to pick it up, About 300 miles from ya. 
  7. smokinal

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    The shipping is what kills you.

    I saw on the Lang website that he is trying to bundle the shipments together so he can deliver 4 or 5 units on one truck & split the cost.

    There are certainly a lot of satisfied Lang owners here, you may want to give him a call.
  8. meateater

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