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  1. brendalee

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    Hey all you Smokers out there.  I would like to purchase a smoker for my father in law.  Right now he uses his gas grill and does it that way and makes things taste amazing but I think he would love a smoker grill combo.. Can anyone help me with what to purchase, where to purchase.  Thanks so much for the help...

  2. I always answer this question the same way: 22.5" Weber Smokey Mountain.  However, you may want to go with the smaller 18.5" or even smaller 14.5".  10 yr warranty, best cust service in the business, and you can do anything from drying jerky and mettwurst, to smoking kielbasa or snack sticks, low n slow pulled pork or ribs, to high heat brisket or PBC-style poultry and anything in between.
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  3. [​IMG]

    For a combo this is the way I would go WSM.

    I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

    Happy smoken.

  4. hambone1950

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    I agree with Bama and Mule....Buy him a WSM and let him keep his gas grill for quick cooks. The WSM comes in 3 sizes , one of which will be right for him. There is no better smoker for the home cook.
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  5. brendalee

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    The only problem with him having two is he is very particular with clutter and I dont think he would ever have two things sitting on his deck.  I am actually quite sure of it.  So we would have to get something to replace his existing grill as well.  Thanks so much for the comments.  And I will try to figure out what the Shortened terms are.  Thank you Hambone for explaining.   :)
  6. brooksy

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    If your FIL is a man that loves to grill and or smoke food he won't mind having the option of choosing which piece of equipment he wants to use at any given time. I would imagine he would love having two cookers sitting on his porch just as most of us on this site do. Heck most of the guys on here have 5 or more on the patio's.
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  7. The PG1000 from Cookshack is always a winner
  8. If he has been running a gas grill for some time he may not want to use charcoal.  How big or how small a unit does he want/need.  I would consider a pellet smoker/grill for him.  It is something you need to get input from him somehow.  If it is a secret maybe you need to get it out in the open or have a one on one with him and see what he wants.
  9. coryb

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    I'd say if you're father in law is really as you say he is he would appreciate a fine piece of equipment like a WSM 22.5" or 18.5" in addition to his propane grill.  He may be able to do great things with his propane grill alone, but having an actual smoker to smoke meat with and a grill to grill meat with is SO nice.  Having the right tool for the job takes so much fiddle farting out of the process and allows you to enjoy the experience so much more.

    I have a propane grill, a Weber Smokey Mountain cooker 22.5" and a 22.5" Weber charcoal grill.  I've had the propane grill since 2005 and I don't think I've filled that propane tank for 3yrs now.  I would recommend you buy the 18.5" WSM and if he decides he doesn't like it you'll have no trouble unloading it to someone on this site within a few hours.
  10. rigundog

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    Hi All,

    I was thinking about picking up that very smoker (WSM). I already have two (A sausage maker 30lbs digital and a lit chief).  Would like to get the Weber to round things out (and cook at a high temp with charcoal).

    Question: Other than price and capacity, do I gain or lose anything with the various models?

    I'm thinking about the 22" for the room if I need it, but in reality I probably could get by with the 18". 

    But for an extra $100 why not go for more room?

    I also need to smoke some sausage at 225, which is a temperature the sausagemaker doesn't reach.

    Thanks for any additional input.

    Mike W
  11. Having two means of outdoor cooking?  Yes!  It's a BBQ thing.  I am weighing in on the WSM!
  12. old sarge

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    I would recommend going with the PG 500 or PG 1000 from Cookshack.   Now he would have a smoker and a grill in one unit.  They have a sale on, and through PayPal you can take 6 months to pay without interest. Personally, I prefer separate dedicated units, which is why I have a gas grill and a Cookshack smoker.   
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  13. smokeygator

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    You can't beat the Weber Smokey Mtn for value and performance.  I use it much more than my BGE!  I think the 18.5 inch is ideal unless you have a big family or do a lot or partying. You won't be disappointed....
  14. Just my opinion, but a Kamado style grill/smoker. It can be used as a smoker and a grill, but they're expensive and heavy.
  15. bear55

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    I love my pellet grill smoker from Rec Tec.
  16. mlmartinet

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    How much smoking does he like to do.  I had a kopmodo style grill for many years which replaced my old webber (Now resides in my neighbors back yard).  I have upgraded to the lang 36 deluxe hybrid and LOVE it. Plenty of room, small learning curve, and it an all in one.
  17. I have been thinking about the Lang Hybrid also.  Do you have a thread started about it?  and where?
  18. Maybe because he already has a gas BBQ, a straight smoker might be the way to go. I have a Traeger 075 with the optional cold smoker accessory and absolutely love it. There are some pretty good deals on their website this Black Friday Weekend and I'm sure they will be repeated before Christmas. Good luck and Happy Smoking.
  19. oldschoolbbq

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    Brenda lee , get the 22.5 Weber and I promise he'll MAKE room for Her, and may 86 to Gasser...[​IMG].

    If I were your F-I-L , I'd be pleased as Punch with a Weber.

    Have fun with your choice,  and as always . . .

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