Where's all the SMF Bikers at?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cooknhogz, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Winter sucks. Where's all the SMF Bikers at? and what do ya ride? I myself, biker for many years and currently ride a 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide with mods.

  2. s2k9k

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    Does this count?

    Actually I just sold it. Used to ride a lot with my stepson but he started working and our schedules just don't work out so we decided to make some room in the garage for other things like detailing his new (to him) truck! But it sure was a lot of fun while I had it!
  3. For sure, I also have a wheeler 700 Yamaha Grizzly. Mainly use for gettin deer hunting, and plowing snow. The kids ride it more than I do. It's all good.
  4. I realize I will probably get flamed for this (Japanese bike) but oh well - I can take it  [​IMG]    I ride a Yamaha R1. I did some mods to it as well as having it sprayed with chameleon paint. It satisfies my need for excitement quite nicely. I also have a Kawasaki KX 500 dirt bike for off road use - it is a beast too  [​IMG]

    Ok I'm ready - let it fly  [​IMG]
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    My son's bike

    My brother in law's bike

    my wish list bike ( my daughter is in her last year of college. ) Then it's time to spend money on me [​IMG]

  6. Nice bikes I ridden just about every brand bike out there and don't get on anybody for what they ride.
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    This is me after I bought my 2012 Road King Classic.  Wife told me I had to send her a video of me doing a happy dance.  I present it for your enjoyment.

    Oh and I am in Fort Walton Beach FL.  Love it because I can ride pretty much year round!

  8. This my gas saver for back and fourth to work (90 mile round trip) in the warmer weather.

  9. rdknb

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    I have an 02 Road King.  This coming year will be converting it to a Trike
  10. Honda Shadow Phantom and I'm still riding, was out yesterday as a matter of fact.  Tad chilly at 36 down in the Houston area
  11. Mine's a 2010 Ultra Classic
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    2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide--Sweet Lou Lou

  13. NO FLAME... i will wager that every Harley Ownership Group (HOG) member out there has at one time in their life  owned and ridden a rice grinder (no insult intended). You have to learn

    to walk before you run with the big boys.   Unfortunately I retired from riding after a bad accident, still have a '75 Sportster but it never sees sunshine anymore.
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  15. bakedbean1970

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    2001 BMW f650. Very fun for riding out here in the mountains.
  16. My 08 Harley Fat Bob before the Street Glide. Next toy will be a Harley Fat Boy Slim  for bar hoppin with the boys, Keeping the Glide for sweets and I.

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    I ride a 2011 Trek 7.3FX upgraded to a 7.6.5[I wrecked it]. To cold to ride here 30 degrees today.

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  18. 2010 Street Glide that I picked up from a guy that need some cash so I "almost" feel bad for what I paid and what it came with!! I'll get some pics off my other computer and put up!
  19. LMAO, get r done
  20. billmc40

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    Well no one said what kind if bike. I hate to say a have over 1500.00 in that pedal bike.

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