Where to put the smokestack?

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  1. I'm building a smoker that will be run on propane. The inside dimensions are roughly 70"h x 31"w x 28"d. It is made of steel and will have 3" of insulation. My question is where do I put the smokestack? In the middle on the top, or out the side and have a 90 degree elbow going up? I am looking at using a 4" stack with damper and of course air intake will be in the bottom door. Thanks
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    I would think the optimum performance you should off set it from your firebox or smoke element.

    Firebox on the ground, vent on the top. firebox on the left vent on the right, firebox in front vent in the back. you want the smoke to have the maximum distance to travel to get the greatest yield.

    Just my idea.
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    ND, evening and welcome to the forum.....   Do not use a stack.... condensate will form in it and create a mess.....  put grilled dampers in the side walls near the roof....   dampers like a hot forced air heating system uses... ones that open and close...  Keeps the roof from leaking also...   Take pics and show us your build...     Dave
  4. Thanks for the replies. Dave, I took your advise and put the dampers on the side of the smoker near the top. I'll have to get some pics soon. Thanks again for the replies.

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