Where to $/order Wood Chunks???

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by scriprp, May 16, 2010.

  1. scriprp

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    Looking for any reommendations on where I can purchase some Peach wood chunks and various other types of wood online. I figured I'd ask here first before seeking myself. If there is anyone on here who sells or knows of someone...let me know.
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    Any U-Pick farms in your area? Start local, and I bet you can find a fruit orchard that would be willing to either give you some trimmings or sell you some. Just ask when they do their trimming and stock up. [​IMG]
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    You can get anything and everything on Ebay.
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    Thanks for the link - I used to live in Bar Harbor so am partial to all things Maine! My brother lives in Searsport - does a home improvement radio show on WVOM.
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    I grew up in Bar Harbor and listen to your brother's radio program often on Sat. mornings. World's getting smaller all the time.
  9. I recently bought apple and pecan from do-it-best hardware. do a google search, check for local dealer and select that as your store. i called them, ordered and they delivered to my work with no shipping in a week.
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    I have ordered from this guy on eBay:


    He also stocks a lot more than what he has on eBay. I don't use too much, but I picked up 5 different 2lb bags. Usually lasts me about 1 month.

    His other stuff: Walnut, Maple, Plum, Almond, Red Oak, Apricot, Pecan among many "standards" like Cherry, Apple, etc.

    EDIT: Same guy rhinton82 posted, except I just e-mail him with what I want, and he sends an invoice through PP. Small bags are $3.49 if you oder more than one. He'd be willing to work with you if you need LOTS of wood too I bet.
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    Pretty cool! Definitely a small world! Going up for vacation in Aug this year - can't wait!
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    Definitely have a look at local sources first, Walmart, Home Depot, even Kroger carries some chunks (although peach is probably rare, I've seen apple, hickory, mesquite). I've found good sources for everything locally, prepackaged (probably from those internet sources originally), plus I have a pecan tree that I harvest once a year or so. You might be surprised what you can find.
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    These guys rawk. I got about 17lbs of mixed fruitwood...Peach-apple and cherry for about 23 bucks.Whats better is the shipping is free and they sent it 2 day priority mail !!! Each kind of wood is in it's own burlap sack and labeled.Best deal i could find... Thx scar !!
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    My pleasure - glad it worked out for you
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    try Amazon .com
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    Did you get the wood yet and if so how does it look? What size are the chunks?
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    great links guys [​IMG]  thx.............bob


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