Where to find an Unlined Drum?

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by jimf, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. jimf

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    The following was posted by a member in the UDS group but didn't  have a response, so I'm reposting here because I have the same question.

    I was wondering what types of businesses I should call to try and find some open head unlined 55 gallon drums.

    I've searched craiglist for a couple weeks and the only one I can find previously had methanol in it.  I don't think a barrel that previously had racing fuel in it would be suitable for cooking.

  2. daveomak

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    JimF morning.... Methanol would be fine... It will all burn off when you build a fire in it.....  I found drums at my local farm store.... they are all food grade for storing farm feed etc....  "Big R" here in the Northwest.... Dave
  3. jimf

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    Methanol is fine??  SWEET!   $15 drum!
  4. banjo

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    I don't know if this company has exactly what you are looking for, but they have a lot of drums!  I've been over there many times over the years.  I don't know anything about shipping though, as they are local for me.

  5. jimf

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    I had a call from a guy who had oil drums (used motor oil).  The price was right and was semi local.  So I am buying two from him.  

    But please keep this list going for other to use in the future.    I heard Printing shops might also keep ink in 55 gal steel barrels.

    As for me I will be posting build picts as I go along in another thread.  Thanks guys!
  6. If I had a choice between drums that had contained methanol and drums that had contained motor oil, I would jump on the methanol drums in a heart beat. Reason being that the Methanol will "flash off" very easily and cleanly. That motor oil will not as it has a much higher flash point. Burning it out will create all kinds of nasty smelling smoke and depending on your location could earn you some unwanted attention.

    The print shop part is true. I actually run a wide web flexo printing operation and use hundreds of gallons of water based printing ink out of 55 gallon drums with removable lids. They are fairly easy to wash out or burn out. We sell them as burn barrels for $5 each. Most every major metro area has companies doing the same.
  7. tbsb4rrel

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    I found a really good place to get them, they are food grade and basically made for being smokers.  $35 - $45 in DFW or in Sulphur Springs Tx.  The number to call is 903-919-5050.  

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