What's the best way to clean my MES 40 with window

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by wareagle75, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. I have read many different things online and was just curious how those in the group clean theirs.  I have ordered a cover from Amazon (it hasn't arrived yet).  I've heard I should actually cover it with a large trash bag prior to putting the cover on.  Any thoughts or suggestions on how to clean and care for this smoker?  Thanks in advance!
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    WE I have the MES 40 I clean the window almost every time, use white vinegar paper towels. The I use the Masterbuilt cover with a trash bag over the cover.
  3. Thanks Tropics - I'm going to give the white vinegar  a shot this evening and see how it does.  I certainly appreciate the advice.  Have a great Sunday!!
  4. WarEagle75,If you are using the masterbuilt cover you do need to find a supply of large trash bags. I found the MES cover I had did leak. I have to keep mine in the elements so I needed a good cover. After I returned the MES cover I bought the Char-broil cover. That cover is not available. It is great and was purchased in 2013.

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    I use some cleaner i get at either Wal Mart or at the the auto parts store. It is called PURPLE POWER. It works good. Biodegradable with water be sure to rinse well with water. I buy the 1 gallon container and use it in a spray bottle. The smoke stains just drip right off. It may be a little caustic but it has not harmed the metal on my MES 40 yet. Purple power is also a good degreaser for a lot of stuff. I swear by it. Just my experience.


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