whats a dino bone??

Discussion in 'Beef' started by oonighttrain, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. oonighttrain

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    is that the ribs that come off a prime rib??? if so, i got some in th efrig getting ready to be thrown on the smoker tomorrow.. i have some rub on them and plan to put em in at about 225 degrees on a rib rack.. any other suggestions for me??? [​IMG]
  2. bwsmith_2000

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    Dino Bones = Beef Ribs.[​IMG]
  3. coldjava

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    Is that as in Country style ribs?
  4. crewdawg52

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    Nope. Dino Bones (aka beef ribs) are the ribs removed from the rib roast, or prime rib.

    A standing rib roast is everything still attached. Check out www.bbq.about.com/beef
  5. indygreg

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    I am searching to figure out what a dino rib is and found this thread.  i read this article on beef ribs http://www.amazingribs.com/recipes/beef/zen_of_beef_ribs.html  and according to it a dino is a really long short rib rather than a back rib.  it claims back ribs are not a tender.  i am not understanding.  are short ribs usually cut shorter intentionally?  do they get 2 racks of ribs out of a short plate maybe? 

    i have a good old fashion, local butcher shop down the street and they can often do what i want.  i asked the old fellow who works there and he didn't know the term dino ribs.  he agreed that short ribs are usually more tender.  is there a way for me to tell him to cut them differently that usual to get really big, really tender ribs? 
  6. meateater

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    Dino bones =  giant beef bones. 
  7. indygreg

    indygreg Fire Starter

    Hey Meateater.  i saw the "dino bones = giant beef bones" earlier in the thread.  maybe a more specific question is about short ribs.  can the butcher cut them longer (like do they typically cut the short plate in two) or is there a way to get really large short ribs?  i am curious about the description in the article i linked that says:

    Dino Ribs

    If you want something really showy, ask your butcher for Dino Ribs. These are short ribs 12" or more long. They're a special order, and a special meal


  8. fpnmf

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  9. fife

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    They are good
  10. indygreg

    indygreg Fire Starter

    Thanks Craig. That is the exact search I used to find this 4 month old thread. I didn't turn up the answer to my question but I will search elsewhere. If I find an answer I will post it here.

  11. fpnmf

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  12. indygreg

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    thanks craig.  i am not sure i understand though.  i read this post the other day along with a dozen others about people cooking dino ribs.  some of them seem to be back ribs and some seem to be short ribs but i have not seen any yet that show short ribs that are 12 inches long like the article said.  the ribs in the wiki link you provided look like back ribs to me but i don't see anywhere that it says what they are.  maybe i am not understanding something or maybe it is obvious to folks on this forum who make ribs a lot?  i know that back ribs are really long but the article i quoted said you could get short ribs 12" long and that short ribs are more tender than back ribs.

    no biggie.  i can ask my butcher the question. 

    thanks again,

  13. richoso1

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  14. bearcarver

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    Yes, that is the ribs from the standing rib roast AKA "Prime Rib".

    I just do mine 3-2-1, like I do Pork spare ribs, except I use worcestershire (thick) & rub, instead of Mustard & rub.

    Here is a good picture of them:


  15. smokinal

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    Next prime rib I do I think I'll cut the bones off when the roast is done & put them back on the smoker for a couple of hours.
  16. indygreg

    indygreg Fire Starter

    Thanks richoso1.  This is a good article.  it is actually the same article i linked in my first post (post #5 above) and it is what created the question i had.  everyone on the forum seems to say any large beef rib is a dino bone and this article seems to say that you can have your butcher cut a short rib 12 inches long and that is called a dino bone (rather than a back rib).  i will let everyone know what my butcher says this week.  i am getting ribs and butt on thurs for a party we are having. 

  17. indygreg

    indygreg Fire Starter

    OK i scored some dino ribs.  i now have the whole scoop from my butcher and i understand what the article linked above is talking about.  my butcher tells me that they usually cut the short plate perpendicular to the ribs.  usually the plate is cut into 3 strips of ribs about 4 inches long.  he said they have a lot of asian customers that want the ribs cut into much shorter strips so they don't cut the plate when they prep the beef or even when they freeze it.  if you come in and want short ribs they cut them 4 inches long and if you ask for asian style ribs they cut them an inch or so.  then he pulls out and shows me what the article i linked referred to as Dino Ribs!  4 meaty short ribs cut about 12 inches long. 

    Can't wait to cook these things.


  18. bearcarver

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    You won't believe how good those things are!!!!

    And don't even think about forgetting the Qview on those!!!   [​IMG]

  19. smokinal

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    Ditto what Bear said!

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