What went wrong with seaoning CI pan?

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  1. It seemed this was the best place to ask this question. 

    My wife picked up a cast iron griddle a few years ago.  We seasoned it per the directions that came with it, and used it once, and then abruptly moved out.  We ended up leaving a lot of things behind (was my sister in laws house, and we couldn't take everything with us yet).  So the pan was put out in the garage, uncovered. 

    We picked it up last week, and it was pretty bad.  So I went through and removed the rust, and then threw it in the over on self clean to start the seasoning process from scratch.  Long story short, I think I ended up with too much oil on the pan, and I'm wondering if I need to start again from scratch, or if its salvageable.  There are many spots that are sticky, and look like oil sort of pooled there or dripped.  I did actually make pancakes on it with the smooth side, then cleaned it, oiled it, and left it in the oven where we are storing it for now when the ovens not in use.

    So, this is the state of the grill side.

    This is a close up.  It looks like at some point, some oil either crystallized (hopefully) or grew something (hopefully not).  This little yellow formation showed up within a few hours after cooking with it, this was the side that was in direct contact with burners.  It wasn't there before cooking, or after cleaning/drying/re-oiling.  (my camera isn't great, its the little stuff in the center of the picture, at the bottom of the ridge)

    This is the side we used for pancakes, which looks much better.  Part of the reason I think it had too much oil on the other side, because this side looks much better, and was easier to wipe excess off.

    Thanks for any pointers, even if its that I need to start over.
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    If the oil is sticky, it needs more time in the oven at 500. If it is not sticky and just not seasoned evenly, start using it and it will even out over time. A paper coffee filter works good for putting the oil on even and doesn't leave lint.
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  4. Thanks for the suggestions, I threw it back in the oven, and it looks a lot better now. I think there was still too much oil as there is some crud around the bottom of the ridges, I'll get those out tomorrow and go for another session in the oven, and get some pics.

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