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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by natitude, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. natitude

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    Hey guys. I have about 12 family members coming in town in a couple weeks and want to smoke something. Not sure what to smoke. Can't be pork because some don't eat it. Any suggestions?
  2. I'd throw a chicken and a tri-tip in the pit.  Pretty close in cooking time and you'd hit both beef (without having to do a big brisket) and something much lighter in taste.  Best of both worlds.
  3. natitude

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    Never thought about tri-tip. Great idea... Thanks! So I'd cook both to the same IT?
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  4. b-one

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    Tri tip is best rare to med rare.
  5. Nope...I usually pull tri-tips around 140 IT or so and then let them rest for a little while, and the chicken needs to come up to around 170 then pulled to rest.  I just mean because of the way each kind of meat cooks, they're done within reach of each other.  Usually, I'm in the four-hour range for the tri-tip and between three and four hours for the whole chicken, depending on size.
  6. natitude

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    Sounds good.Gonna give that a try. Thanks for the advice!

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