What to do with a 47kg gas bottle

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by chefslot, Jul 2, 2015.

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    I also have a 13kg one too. My calculations using that helpful online tool said this would be perfect for a reverse flow. But i was thinking about just using the 47kg as a vertical. With it cut into three sections, one for the fire box, than some sort of water heat spreader and than two other sections for taken apart/storage and mopping etc. 
    The only problem i can see with this is that i might have to bend the ribs as the tank/cylinder is only 15in in diameter. I think this would use less fuel and possible easier to make. 
    But i'm not bothered a offset taken up more space, and it being slightly more metal in construction.

    i was also thinking of a offset vertical and having the firebox and the smoker on the same level, where the smoker connects to the fire box there will be a gap underneath, this gap could be used to keep food warm?

    Just looking for some input, ideas and thoughts. 

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    Hello chefslot,

    You probably have not received many responses because we are on the English system of weights and measures. At first glance I had no clue how big a 47kg tank was. A quick run through google, and I found it is a 100 pound tank, which I surmise from your stated diameter of 15in that it is 48in tall.

    Now, knowing how big it is, I would say that a vertical build shows some promise.

    I would however suggest a door on the upper section instead of two sections that need to be un-stacked to access your food. Consider the amount of weight that you would need to lift for access, and also the amount of time that it is open while you un-stack and re-stack it. That time is important on a vertical since your fire can flare up if it is open too long.
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    Cool, i think i'm going to go vertical. I will add a picture, as i was thinking about a secondary firebox, but doubt i will use it, the picture isn't that good.   i could whip the top sections off and replace the lid (the uppermost part) quicker than if i had a door open, i thought of a door but mopping in a small area can be a right pain. 

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