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  1. Here is what I did. I cut a pork butt in half, I mixed up a gallon of Pops brine and injected quite a bit of brine into the butt, then I soaked the butt for 15 days in the same brine.

    I pulled the butt out of the brine, dried it best I could with paper towels, and then put it on a rack placed on a large aluminum tray which held it up so it was not laying flat on the tray, so air could circulate. I placed it in the fridge for an overnight nap.

    Last Tuesday, I pulled the but out of the fridge, hung it from one side on my bacon hook and placed it in my smoker intending to cold smoke it for about 6 hours and then ramp up the heat and take it to an internal temp of 145 + degrees. To cold smoke it, I would use the electric heat element in my converted food warmer smoker.

    About an hour into the smoke my electricity went out, ( PUD had a blown transformer) so I was forced to light the propane burner in the converted food warmer smoker and continue smoking it. Oh I almost forgot, I did Pops mailbox mod to my smoker and was using Hickory pellets in my amazn-p burner.

    Long story short, during the day and a 9 hour smoke I increased my chamber temps and took the butt up to 146 degrees IT and at that time I pulled it out and took it into the house sat it on the counter for several hours for a rest, then slid it into a ziplock bag and into the fridge over night.

    This but came out tasting fantastic, I have sliced it and have had some with fried eggs, and made sandwiches with it. It does not taste like Bacon or Ham, and not sure if it tastes like Canadian bacon or not. Regarless, WHAT have I made, Ham, Bacon or Canadian Bacon?

    The butt before I sliced it, and my converted food warmer smoker


  2. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    That would be Buck Board Bacon.
  3. Dirtsailor, thanks for looking and thanks for your reply.

    I have made belly bacon several times and only one other time for BBB before this one. I honestly prefer the flavor and everything about the BBB over belly bacon, that in my future I will make much more BBB instead of the belly bacon.

    I hate the skinning the rind off the belly for making the bacon, although all my belly makin bacon so far has been from frozen bellies, and once the belly is folded up and scrunched into the box it comes out all wrinkled even after it is thawed out, making for a PINA to skin.

    I saw a video of a guy skinning a fresh, never frozen belly and it looked like a breeze, I have found my local IGA gtocery store will get and sell me bellies for $1.99 per pound if I buy a case at a time, thought I would give that a try. Either way, making my own is so much better than store bought stuff.

  4. fpnmf

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    Looks great Rich...

    I am gonna do a BBB soon...

    I kinda like skinning the belly rind off tho..its easy after smoking...

    Something about the nipples...ok I will stop now and not mention ex wife #3...

  5. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    We really likr the flavor of the BBB better too. My local wholesaler has shoulders on sale again, so I think I'll pick up 2-4 and do another batch as we are getting a bit low!
  6. kathrynn

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    Looks really nice!  Have any sliced pics yet?

  7. disco

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    I am a convert to BBB as well. However, She Who Must Be Obeyed likes Back Bacon (it is known as Canadian bacon in the US) better so I do both and I think both are better than side bacon.

    Yours has a lovely colour by the way! I'd love to see a picture of a slice.

  8. Not sure where my thinking was when I first posted the picture of the whole hunk ob BBB as I have come to know what to call it.

    I should have posted sliced pictures at the time, My opolagies. This picture is slices from that BBB hunk, but I must admit they have been frozen for a couple days and just thawed this morning.


  9. Great looking BBB...it's our preference too!
  10. woodcutter

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    Rich, you can really put the smoke on when cold smoking. I like 10-14 hours with AMNPS and oak or apple dust. (Needs a few day rest in the fridge after that). BBB is the best!
  11. sound1

    sound1 Smoking Fanatic

    Looks great. At the price of bellies around here, I see BBB in my future.
  12. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    That looks sooooo good. Thanks for posting.

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