What makes AMNPS smoke last for so long?

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  1. So I've looked at the site and couldn't find what makes the AMNPS smoke last for so long. Is it the design of the smoker or the pellets and sawdust? Has anybody ever used the pellets in something other then the AMNPS? How did it work? I was thinking of trying out the pellets with my smoker and see how they do. I do plan on buying an AMNPS when I get my new smoker. The one I have now doesn't have the room to hold one.
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    If you have a tight space, you might want to try out the tube smoker. It's on the A-Maze-N website.
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    Everything was fine tuned by Todd.

    All kinds of things I won't mention that he did thousands of hours of experimenting with.

    He got them to stay lit, while producing the right amount of smoke, without going out or burning too fast, or jumping across rows.

    All of those problems were eliminated by Todd's constant experimentation.

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