What kind of wood does everyone like and where can it be found

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  1. I have been going to a store in south Charlotte I think it's called Today's outdoor living. I really like apple wood but can't find it in chunks.
  2. Try an apple orchard. Sometimes they have some nice pieces from their trimmings.
  3. Blackhawk/ACE Hardware store in south charlotte at the Park Road Shopping Center has Apple wood chunks Hickory, Mesquite ect also all available in chips
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    I use the AMNPS and love the "Pitmasters Choice"-HICKORY-CHERRY-MAPLE blend
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    Well, I have some hickory trees in my backyard.... Town and Country- formerly Ace, has a good selection of wood chips and chunks. As for me, I mostly use hickory, sometimes mesquite, but I find it over powering on some recipes. Apple is a good light smoke. I use it a lot with turkey.
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    I guess there are advantages to living in the Mtns.  I use a lot of hickory and oak.    I have a friend who allows me to cut what I need.  I cut 2 good sized trees of each  a year to let them cure for the next year.

    Personally, I can't tell that much difference in wood. 

    Happy New Year!
  8. Back in PA I had apple and peach wood at will, used them all the time. My new favorite wood down here is by far pecan. Love they way it smells in the the fireplace too!! I'm always keeping an eye out for it when driving around. Look on craigslist sometimes you can find free hard/fruit wood !!
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