What Kind of drum?

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by danbono, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. danbono

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     Hi What kind of drum and I'm looking for to build a UDS. I just was checking Craigs List, so many different kind of tops & Liners?

    I would rather NOT do a burn out,IF I don't have too.

    Thanks Dan

    PS Any one know where I can get one in North NJ.
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  2. Hello Dan.  For food safety reasons which I know you understand, most food grade drums have a liner which is not meant to be heated.  Non food grade is a crap shoot as to what was in them.  Either way, ya gotta do the burn out IMHO.  Sorry but I see no way around it UNLESS you buy a new unused drum or a stainless unused drum.  When you see the prices of those I think you might reconsider.  Keep Smokin!

  3. danbono

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  4. smokinberto

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    I'd imagine since they had oil in them, there would be no liner (that's a good thing) but they need to be burned & seasoned to kill any bad stuff in them & keep them from rusting,
  5. danbono

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    Hi Bummer... Really can't do a burn out around here.

    Thanks Dan
  6. I buy lined food grade barrels and have them sand blasted. You could go that route.
  7. dirtsailor2003

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    If you find a drum that has a liner, mine did, and it needs to be removed it's pretty cheap to find someone to sand blast it out. My drum had a granular automotive polishing medium in it. I wanted my drum powder coated so I took it to one of the local shops. Blasted inside and out, powder coated on the outside, $75.00. To just blast it would've been $25. Think outside the box when looking for sand blasters. Lots of metal fab shops have them. Most places that do commercial coatings and powder coaters have their own units. All these places love interesting projects. Some might even swap for some Q.

    All in I paid $15 for two drums on CL, $75 for the blast and coat, and another $50-70 for hardware and grates, etc. that could've been cheaper but I fabbed up an adjustable rack system.

    I'd say get the cheapest drum have it blasted and get to building!
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  8. danbono

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    Hi All Just heard back from the drum seller, the top is not removable. Will keep looking.

    Thanks Dan
  9. I found two drums on Craig's list one with the red lining and the other with the pinkish-tan lining for $20 each.  I burned both out for 8 hours using wood pallets I got for free from the local Home Depot.  After the burn I took both to the coin car wash and powered off the char residue.  I randomly picked the pinkish lined one and used my drill with the wire brush attachment and after about 2 hours I had the interior like new shiny clean!  I had all of the hardware I needed and assembled the smoker.  During my two seasoning sessions I played with the air intakes to see how to get it to the temp I wanted and also to see how hot it would get (it got to 350 degrees in case you are curious).  I used the Minnion (pardon my spelling) and it held 225 degrees for 8 hours with no intervention by me.  I then smoked four half chickens with wonderful results!  I'm going to try a brisket this Sunday.  Next week I'll start on the red lined one!
  10. danbono

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    Hi All I found this drum on CL, looks nice and clean to my eyes. Can't really do burn out around here.

    Another question I don't have any thing to drill a 1" hole for the 3/4' ball valve. Any thoughts or suggestions/?

    Saw some 3/4 nipples that fit the valve, and the hole didn't seem that big?

    Thanks Dan
  11. bmaddox

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    That drum in the first picture still looks lined. You could try having it sand blasted. I see where some guys get it done for $25 but the cheapest I could find it around me was $60-$75.

    For drilling the hole, you can get a step bit for $15 of less.
  12. danbono

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    Hi Can I use 1/2 ball vavles, instead of 3/4"?

    Thanks Dan

    PS in an E-mail I got from seller he said they were unlined?
  13. timberjet

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    You could but you would need like 6 total with at least 2 valves to get enough air. I would say 3/4 is the lowest size I would go. Then you only need 3 or 4.
  14. timberjet

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    Get yourself a step drill bit for like 10 bucks or a little more from your local hardware or automotive store. Also, take your drum camping and burn that sucker out. Most if not all of the USA allows burning on certain days in an enclosed container with a screen on top. I am sure. Do not, I repeat do not get one of those drums with the grey, yellow, red, or brown liners. You will be sorry.
  15. inkjunkie

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    "The Garden State" and all of its wonderful laws. Don't miss THAT state one bit. Would not go any smaller than .750" on the intakes. And that is only if you are going straight into the drum. If you are planning on putting elbows and pipes up the sides, to avoid bending over, would go with at least inch and a half...
  16. danbono

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    Hi All Thanks for the great info. Would the 55 gal drum fit in a trunk of a Totyota Corrola?

    Other then not bending over, what is purpose  the elbow/ raiser bars?

    Thanks Dan
  17. dirtsailor2003

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    A standard 55 gallon drum is 22.5" in diameter and 33.5" tall.

    No other purpose. I have heard some mention that the extended pipe has affected the draw in a negative way. Both of UDS's that I have built have the valves at the base, I'm cheap and didn't want to spend the additional money for the pipe and elbows!
  18. timberjet

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    I'm with case. Kiss. Keep it simple.
  19. inkjunkie

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    I couldn't get over 250* or so when I had the elbows/extensions on mine.
  20. danbono

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    Hi All Here is an E-mail I got form a company that sells drums.

    Sounds good to me?


    What you are referring to is commonly called an "open head". A new 2nd open head is $26.00 including the cover and ring.



    On Wednesday, April 1, 2015 1:42pm, [email protected] said:

    Hi Mike Would this 55 gal drum be unlined and with a removable top

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