What cheese for fresh sausage?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by lennyluminum, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. I know some of you use regular store bought cheese for smoked sausage but can it be used in fresh sausage or do i have to go with the hi temp?
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    I use the high temp all the time. It depends on what temps you are going to cook at.. Hot smoke or grill... The higher the temp (grilling) then I would go with the high temp cheese... Try the regular cheese for hot smoke........You'll get some melt down but it wll be fine.... I did some searching on what is the melting point of high temp cheese is and found nothing.... Next time I do a round of sausage (which will be soon) I'll do a test in the oven and find out what temp it melts at.. be some good information
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    The melting points will be different with the different cheeses just like normal temp cheeses. The cheese processing determines the melting temp. Cheese is pumped through a sheer pump that cuts the protein cells shorter which raises the melting temp. They can process the same cheese with a targeted melting temp so it will melt properly on burger or stay together longer in a jalapeno popper cooked in hot oil by controlling the length the proteins are cut.

    If you buy the same high temp cheese from the same processor, the melting point will be normally be consistent from batch to batch.
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    Thanks Todd... Good information from you Wisconson cheese heads....lol..... I have some high temp cheddar from B&P. I'll let ya know what their melting point is........
  5. I just read a post about chicken sausage and in one of the replies from shooterrick he says the he uses shredded cheese in his chicken sausage. Can this be used in any fresh sausage?

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