What can i do with the extra meat of a pork spare rib?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bbqu freshman, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Hi, i was wondering if there was any advice on what to do with the meat you cut off of a spare rib. when i buy my spare ribs it always comes with the extra meat on the sides.After i make the proper cuts to make it (St.Louis style) I always get stuck with this big slab of meat. I'm having trouble identifying it and wondering what i could do with it so i don't waste a perfectly good piece of meat.
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    Smoke it and eat it right along side the ribs you are doing.  It won't take as long to cook though, this gives you time to dice it up and put into some beans to serve with your ribs or you can just snack on it while you wait on the ribs to cook. 
  3. jrod62

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    Keep it for making sausage ( if you make sausage )
    Put in beans or chilli
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  4. plj

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    smoke it, shred it, put it in the beans!

    smoke it, shred it, put it in an omelet!

    smoke it, shred it, put it in a taco!

    smoke it, shred it, put it in __________!  (fill in the blank with just about any meal that has ever been created.)

    Same goes for brisket   :)
  5. I smoked and sauced mine last time...oh so good waiting on the ribs!
  6. wow i didn't expect so much great feedback so fast!!!I But the average consensus seems to be to smoke them, and gentleman smoke them i shall!!! So i guess my next question is how ling should they smoke if i keep my smoker at 250?
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    Into the beans for me, or a treat while being patient for the rest of the ribs to finish!

    Since they are relatively small pieces, I've had them finish in as little as an hour.  So keep an eye on them, or you can spray them to keep a little moisture on them.

    Good luck!
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  8. [​IMG]  making me drool guys.
  9. Sausage for me.
  10. Oh, you don't want that!

    Just save it for me and I'll get rid of it for you. :)
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  11. Lol best answer i got so far.
  12. try not trimming them once or twice and see how you like it...
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    I'll give another option. When I accumulate a few pounds of the big meaty Rib Tips with all the Cartilage, I cook them in my Spagetti Sauce until the meat is ready to fall apart. It adds incredible Flavor and all the Collegen from the Cartilage makes the Sauce so Rich that you can't stop eating the stuff. Tomato Sauce on Spagetti is ok but add them Rib tips and you can keep the Pasta! Give me the Meat with some Wine and Bread and I'm in Heaven! Being from Chicago there is also Polish Spare Ribs and Saurekraut that you may have had. 4 to 5 pounds of the Rib Tips are added to a pot with 2Lbs of Saurekraut, with the Juice, 1Lb of sliced Onions, 2Tbs of fresh minced Garlic, 1tsp of Ground Black Pepper and three Bay leaves. Cover with water and simmer 3-4 hours until the Rib Tips and Saurerkraut is very tender. Serve with Potato Dumplings tossed in Bacon Grease with some crumbled Bacon on top. It ain't Spa food...It is Classic OLD Comfort Food!...JJ
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    Hey! I LIKE that idea of putting them in the spaghetti sauce!

    I've been smoking them along with the ribs. I also put them in the foil to absorb a little bit of moisture. I usually do ribs on my mini-WSM. This requires cutting them in half. I always put the thicker end on the lower shelf and the thinner on the top and I put the trimmings on the top grill. I usually wind up over cooking them.

    One of the tastiest things I used 'em for was in polenta.
  15. so how long did you smoke them for?
  16. oldschoolbbq

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    Freshman , you may not get a direct answer on that one [​IMG]  , a lot of us nibble on them while finishing the Ribs ; by the time you have had the Ribs in for about 5 hrs. (3-2-1 method) , your Tips should be done and you can munch for an hour - or - cover them with your sauce and leave them unwrapped the last hour. Man, (I'm drooling here[​IMG], ) nothing better than getting sticky from head to tail with a plate of saucy Tips. Ummm...just stick your head in the plate and lick it clean.[​IMG]   , I'm sayin' "PIG OUT" [​IMG].
  17. I always smoke it and make pork egg rolls and pork fried rice the next day. Smoking some spares this Sunday.
  18. I like making pork adobo with my trimmings. 
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    I smoke mine and they are usually done about an hour before the other ribs. Then i use them as Scooby Snacks to get the kids help Mama set up everything for the feast!

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