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Discussion in 'Beef' started by 7outof10, Oct 9, 2007.

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    i am going to be smokeing some thing this weekend and i want beef but i have never smoked beef and was wonder what cut would be good i want to serve it in slices not pulled or on a bun ........i9 will be haveing about 23 people to feed ....so a little bit of info on cooking time and a cupple of ponters would be good...and just any thging you think i should know ...[​IMG][​IMG]:pDT_Arma taz_01_34:
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    Hi 7outof10! Thanks for posting, be sure to introduce yourself at Roll Call when you get the chance. We'd love to know a little about you and your equipment.

    If you're dead set on sliced beef, then in my opinion it's gotta be brisket. If you're new to smoking then you need to search out brisket in the search panel.

    Keep your smoker temp around 225º to 275º. Smoke the brisket to a temp of approx 170º internal temp. There will most likely be a stall where you think your thermometer has quit working.. just let it keep on smoking (without turning the heat up) until the temp starts to climb again. At that point double wrap the brisket in foil and cook it on up to approx 190º internal temp. Remove from smoker and let sit for at least an hour while the juices redistribute. Slice and enjoy. (Cut down simplified version)

    You will need a good thermometer for checking the temp of your food. You also need a good thermomter (oven thermometer that sits on the grate is fine) for your smoker to know where your smoker temp is at. Don't cook by time - Always cook by temperature. Never rush a good smoke! It's done when it's done. To figure when you need to start (just as a guide only) allow 1.5 hrs per pound plus 3 to 4 hrs to allow for stall and resting.

    MOST IMPORTANT - Never push the smoke to white billowy smoke. Always think Thin Blue Smoke... almost invisible. If you can smell the smoke or it burns your eyes when you are over the smoker ... it IS smoking.

    Any questions feel free to ask.

    Keep Smokin
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    Make sure when slicing the brisket to cut against the grain, it will affect the texture of the meat.

    Good luck!!!

    Take care,

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    This newbie recomends a brisket or a smoked pork but.. They both made me look good
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    Hello 7 out of 10 glad you could join us. Here is a link I use for my briskets and have never, knock on wood, turned out one that wasn't delicious.
    Plus she is a real nice lady who posts here alot.
    Good luck & have fun.
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    Welcome... ! Go to Roll Call and list what yer runnin'..advice is much more accurate and specific that way. You DO have a digital meat thermometer, right? If not buy one BEFORE you get the brisket. It might just save you a nice hunk-o-meat. And read, my man...READ... no secrets here. Smoking Perfection is contained within these hallowed digital halls :{)

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