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    Wal-Mart Cake from Detroit
    It took me a second, but make sure you read the story under the picture. Keep in mind this actually happened.
    This cake is for someone who was moving…


    Okay so this is how I imagine this conversation went:

    Walmart Employee: "Hello 'dis Walmarts, how can I help you?"

    Customer: "I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week."

    Walmart Employee: "Lemme ax what you want on da cake?"

    Customer: " 'Best Wishes Suzanne', underneath that 'We will miss you.' "


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    Where's the rest of the story  JJ?
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    [​IMG]  your pics didn't come threw
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    good I thought it was just me LOL

    fwiw I just had a bitch of a time loading a pic.and it's not cause I've been drinking. [​IMG]
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    JJ you hitting the sauce again 
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    JJ what wood do you use for smoking [​IMG]
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    I wasn't drinkng or smoking...Maybe just getting old...[​IMG]...JJ
  9. I love it.
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    Your too much JJ!
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    Maybe you should start.........

    I dont care what anyone says...... The cake story is funny ......[​IMG]

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    And they walk among us!  We all work with absolute morons. . . . .  although some of my co-workers could probably look at me in amazement as well.
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    I was going to keep this to myself...

    But it's a true story

    A few years back I was at the Pine city, MN. Walmart

    Now you have to keep in mind that pine city has a seriously shallow and limited GENE POOL

    Father's day there is really confusing to them...If you get my drift

    I bought  175bux worth of goods

    Went to the cashier who looked like most of the dogs were barking

    Went to pay with 2 $100 bills

    Her marker was dry

    She made a huge stink over it...calls the manager over the loud speaker...and explains to the whole freaking store that she has more hundred dollar bills than she has seen before...so they must be counterfeit...


    I have a temper...Served my country...and a low tolerance for BS

    AFTER standing there for 10 minutes while the manager and every looser in the store has wandered up to take a look at me,what I bought and the cash

    These LOOSERS deem my cash real...and expect me to go on my merry way...I have a crowd/audience

    I'M LIVID...My wife has me by the arm...Trying to reason with me

    The cashier hands me a $10 and a $5...Not a twenty and a five...

    Shit hits the fan..

    .as I explain to this person of diminished capacity...that 174.99 from 200 DOES NOT EQUAL 15.50

    I summon the manager from 3 registers down without taking a step

    I was foaming at the mouth by this time...

    I just wanted my money back...I'd spend it elsewhere

    Got 10 $20's back instead of my 2 $100's...

    So I so not politely...Remember I have about 15-20 WALMARTIANS standing slack jawed around me


    Manager looks at me and asks why

    WHY IN THE F$%*+_(*%#@!#$%^^& DO YOU THINK [email protected]#(*&^$#  I WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR MONEY IS REAL

    There were 3 pine county sherriffs cars to greet me at the front door...

    One of which was my neighbor and freind
  15. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:good for you
  16. Wal-Mart will hire anybody. You should see the southern ones.
  17. spec

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    I just moved from south east Kansas


    I wish I was a stand up comedian...

  18. chef jimmyj

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    That's a riot...I once had a heavily Pierced, Blue Haired, 18 yearold, McDonalds worker tell me I had to wait for the Manager to come back from break to give me my change...When I asked why, she looked at me like " I " was an idiot and said, " The System went down before it told me how much change to give back! "...I gave a $20 for a $14.45 bill...Had I not had my very young, at the time, Daughters with me...The Sheriff would have been there too!...JJ
  19. I see that so often now. Do they even teach basic math in school anymore?
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    My one daughter is a manager at wallys-not-so-smart.

    She tells me horror stories about the stupid employees she has to work with. Its not about pleasing the customer anymore, its about $$$$

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