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Discussion in 'Bacon' started by nate85, May 16, 2016.

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    I'm not one to do things the simple way, I have a bacon brine I use to cure my bacon and I though about throwing in some chunks of apples in to experiment. I'd use juice but It has a lot of sugar added and I just kinda want to use the real thing. Any problems with doing this? Will it affect the cure? I was worried it might introduce bacteria to the brine
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    To brine bacon and get thorough flavor, it must be in the brine at least 14 days....   Added stuff that could have bacteria, will make what is called a "ropy " brine...  gelatinous stuff...   it's not harmful but should be thrown out, meat and bucket rinsed and a new brine added....   If you boil the brine to purify it, add the cure #1 AFTER it has cooled to below 100 deg. F...  then further cool it to below 40 deg. F before adding the meat.... 

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    Thanks Dave, Think I'll stick to the pasteurized apple juice

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