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  1. Just wanted to ask a quick question I'm new to the smoking game. I have always done my abt's on the grill but I'd love to smoke some. Can I do this a day ahead and warm them back up somehow without them being soggy and runny? Any help would be greatly appreciated it's my parents 34th anniversary and I'd like it to go as planned in my head haha but I know things happen!
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    This is one appetizer that is best right out of the smoker. I reheat them for myself but wouldn't for a crowd. It is a texture thing. The jalapeños end up limp. Still tasty but nothing I'd serve a crowd.

    I do stuff and wrap the bacon on them the day before. Then they are ready to go.
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  4. Great thanks guys I appreciate the heads up in advance! If you have any other input im all ears or eyes 👍
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    I would not reheat ABT~s...They are best right out of the smoker...
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    can someone tell me what "abt" stands for.
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    Thanks for the link OLDSCHOOLBBQ.

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