Want some input on my current smoke (with some Pork)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brianv, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. brianv

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    So, I have a smoke in progress of a Pre-smoked picnic shoulder. It's my first smoke, and I have a thread about it going on here:


    Anyways, it's been on for a touch over 5 hours now, I've given it a first look a few minutes ago, and this is what I see:

    Here's my questions:

    #1: Does this look dry to you? Should I be spritzing it every hour?

    #2: It's been on for 5 hours at this point. At what point should I start periodically checking IT? All I have to work with is a Weber digital stick thermometer, so I can't just leave it in.

    #3: Given the type of meat as described in the other thread, what IT should I shoot for, and how long should it take? My goal is pulled pork.

    #4: I've had it in mind to periodically spritz with Apple juice. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Never done a "pre-smoked" piece of meat.  I am assuming that all you are doing is sort of re-heating it?  If so you still want an IT of 200 or so to pull it.  

    As for dryness.......spritzing wouldn't hurt on this piece.....but remember everytime you open your lid you are adding about 20 minutes to the cook time. 

    Maybe someone that has done this same cut will be along shortly.

  3. brianv

    brianv Fire Starter

    Well, I'm not sure what to make of the meat. I bought it a while back, and pulled it out of my freezer yesterday morning when I made a snap decision to do my first smoke today.

    I'm not sure I would call this a ham in that it didn't look like it had been actually brined or cured. It was in a stockeinette with some brine, but was closer to what I would expect from a raw butt than a cured shoulder ham. I half wonder if it was just lightly smoked, or perhaps brined with liquid smoke to give it a smoke flavour. It still required cooking to 170 degrees according to the packaging, whereas a proper ham I have just says 'ready-to-serve'.

    I figure worst case scenario, going low-and-slow can't hurt it. Also allows me to get a feel for how the smoker behaves without ruining a more important bit of meat.

    So far, it just wants to cruise all day at 240-250.
  4. What Temp are you going to pull it off?

  5. brianv

    brianv Fire Starter

    Well, I was aiming for an IT of 200-205 to do pulled pork. Depending on the timing - depending on my wife's patience, I may need to pull it off in about 5 hours or so, which would leave me just under 12 hours total for the smoke.
  6. brianv

    brianv Fire Starter

    Just checked and it has an IT of 138. Gave it a quick baste with some orange juice.
  7. brianv

    brianv Fire Starter

    Eight hours in, and the IT is at 161 degrees.

    I'd like to pull it off in another two hours or so, and I'm starting to think it may not be done in time. Is it worth foiling?
  8. You are probably in the stall now.. Even foiling it I don't know if you can hit your target temp that fast.. Somebody else might be able to answer that question as I do not foil.

    Sometimes the stall can last for a few hours without foiling.

    Sorry I couldn't help..

  9. jbills5

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    Foiling will give you a bit of a mushier bark, but it will speed up the cook time.  
  10. brianv

    brianv Fire Starter

    Thanks guys - I just checked now (9 hours in) and it's at 165 degrees.

    I've foiled it now - we'll see what happens. Ideally I am hoping it wraps up in another hour or two, but that's looking more and more unlikely. I figured it was a safe bet starting at 7:30AM here. I guess now I know for next time.

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