Walmart has all stainless steel MES 40's for $288.15 with free ship-to-store...!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bigtimtx, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Be sure to check with Masterbuilt and see if they still have this same unit for $200.00. Yes there is shipping but it is still less than the above price and no tax!!
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    Ahh...I thought they were sold out...
  4. mds51

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    I would at least call Hayley at customer Service an check. As of last week they still had them available. Then if they are out then the Walmart price loks like a winner and it is the old style with the vent on top that makes it a better choice in my opinion. So far the unit i have purchased from MasterBuilt has performed well and the results have been great. I monitor the unit temp and it is very close to the setpoint. THe remote works well and ocassionally I have to walk back outside to get it to reset but most o the time it works inside the house over 50 feet away.
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    FYI, called Hayley at MB, they still have them in stock. They are considered refurbished. She explained they are new models that didn't sell and have been shipped twice which makes them classified as refurbished. Still has normal 90 day warranty.  Just ordered mine, saved $33.15 .

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    Hey johnv656...

    That one at Lowes is the Gen 2 edition...seems to be more problematic than the Gen 1 version at Walmart. Also, the one at Walmart is all stainless steel...
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    Thanks for the reply,

    What are the other difference between the 2? Does the Gen1 have the pullout for the wood chips so you can do the mailbox modification to use an AMPS?

    Can you hang sausage in it?
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  10. bigtimtx

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    I did a search of the site 'cause I figured that question had been asked enough that there would be a good comparison and here it is:

    (The '2012' model is the Gen 2)

    As far as hanging sausage, neither comes with a sausage hanging system, but I simply use stainless steel 'S' hooks and hang them from the top rack after removing the lower racks...

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