Walleye, Pike and Perch in the smoker

Discussion in 'Fish' started by bladebuilder, May 30, 2015.

  1. A co-worker asked me to smoke some fresh fish for him. He said his grandfather used to do it almost like a jerky and he hasn't had good fish smoked for years. He was happy with my bacon and sausage, so he wanted me to give fish a try.

    I started with the brine Bearcarver has in his step by step that he used for trout. Got the ingredients all mixed, and soaked the fish for 6 hours. Rinsed last night, dried with paper towels, and because it was cool here last night, I placed them on the rack in the smoker to form a pelicle over night.

    This morning at 7:30, I fired up the AMNPTS (tube) with apple and pecan pellets. Where I grew up, fish was cold smoked and then dried, or packaged and frozen. I plan to smoke, then add heat this afternoon/evening to cook/dry the fish.

    Me and the missus were watching episodes of Game of Throne's last night, so being distracted, I forgot to take pictures. Here is one from this morning.

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    And the Verdict was???

  3. It was really good! A little dark from the soy sauce, but the flavor was great. Not overpowering, still could taste the fish, not to salt. All in all, I will do it again.

    Thanks Bear!
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    That's Great, Bubba !!

    Glad you enjoyed it !!


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