Wagyu beef brisket

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by iso, Jun 3, 2010.

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    I may have an opportunity to smoke a wagyu beef brisket coming up in preparation for a competition cook. Wagyu beef is the American kobe beef as opposed to the famed Japanese Kobe beef. The steak cuts are nicely marbled and delicious when cooked properly.

    A wagyu brisket runs just over $100 for a 9 pound cut (1st cut?). Is this worth the money? Even in competition?
  2. guvna

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    the first cut is just the flat. they're a little more difficult IMHO... for $100 you'd better get it right!   [​IMG]
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    I wouldn't do it...just me, unless you're a brisket professional, that's over 10.00 per pound, you can get two big ribeye roasts for that...I love brisket and i'd kill to try wagyu beef, but there's no way i'd spend the dough on it..could be wrong though, if you do decide to do it, PLEASE take pictures..like..lots of pictures :)
  4. iso

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    Talked to the vendor a bit more about the wagyu brisket. He claims it is a full cut brisket which would include both the 1st cut (flat) and the deckle. The 9 pound weight seems a bit light to me so I assumed it was a 1st cut only. My experience has been full cuts run 11-13 pounds at the local markets. USDA Prime and Natural Prime cuts are special orders through the wholesaler but are considerably cheaper and easier to procur.

    As for being a "professional" - I am working on a team with a classically trained chef and a professional restraunt owner. Both have backgrounds in competition BBQ. Part of the preparation is practicing. In the last comp we used the same brisket used in the restraunt. It is good meat comes out great and there are lots of happy, satisfied customers.

    Perhaps a better question would be does the quality of the meat (wagyu vs true kobe vs USDA prime, vs natural prime vs ?) truly make a significant difference in competition?
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    Now I'm not in no competition but I would like to be able to smoke a wagu brisket. Heck I would spend the money and believe me I would get it right. Now why not go for it you guys sure have the talent I would hope if you compete. But I would practice on one first. If you want I will PM you my cell phone # so you can have me judge it too. Hell GO FOR IT.
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    Iso, Now I think you are asking the right question! This is the same thing that I was wondering my self. I think with the back up of the experienced members of your team, I would go for it. The cost is minimal for the knowledge and experience, plus you get to have some great BBQ. 
  7. iso

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Here is an excellent article I found on the Net on the subject: http://www.bbqsuccess.com/wagyu-beef/wagyu.pdf. This is an excellent read if you have the time.

    I am probably going to go ahead with a wagyu brisket on my next cook to see what the feedback is like.
  8. harryho

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    If it is true Wagyu, that is a steal as  Wagyu beef is ridiculously expensive. Myron Mixon talked about using only Wagyu brisket in competitions so I guess it is worth the money especially for competitions.

  9. iso

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    I really should catch up on my Pitmaster DVR recordings..........

    I was stunned the first time I saw Myron use lighter fluid to get things started. Then floored that he actually won. Not sure if we are going to do the Market series or not. Boss hasn't said anything.
  10. I personally love Waygu/Kobe beef and always make a special occasion of it when cooking/smoking some. At that price I'd buy a truckload!

    It is WELL worth the money but really needs to be served with something that compliments it well. I've tried having it with a spud and some beans and it just ruined the experience (and at that price its not what you want)

    I also had the chance last year to sample Kobe and Waygu at the same sitting in a Hong Kong restaurant. There IS a difference, mainly in the texture I found. But I would imagine the Waygu would go down better at a competition, purely because its ever so slightly more robust.

    I'll be grilling some in a couple of weeks, and will be sure to put up pictures for anyone interested. Its around £52 ($76) a lb in the UK at the moment so only get it once every month or so, its just too expensive otherwise!
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    Iso, I am a Wagyu Breeder in North Carolina..I have clients who buy our meat and dont tell in competitions and WIN. They keep it a secret? I laugh about it...the secret weapon you know ...now its the meat... as almost everyone has great sauce and skills, so now its about the foundation...the quality of the meat. I have friends in your area of the USA who raise them ..go on american wagyu assoc. web site look at breeders and and pick your state or states close by....the price is fair depending on the grade. Check them out....you might find other prices you like.... Let one point be known though, 90 % of all wagyu slaughtered in USA are F1 and about 8% F2 balance 100%.. ..that is 50/50 is F1 and/ or 75% wagu 25% other is F2. The higher the % wagyu of course the better the animals possibility to be the KILLER. I personally can tell you the brisket is awesome even on a 50/50 wagyu cross and a bad cook! Good luck and may the force be with you!
    Cheers Ed rock house farm dot info
  12. iso

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    Welcome to SMF Ed. Thank you for the information. I have been poking around looking for a vendor in my area to avoid shipping costs. Most vendors I have seen thus far are out of state and ship the beef 2 day air which gets really expensive quickly. 
  13. yankee56

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    Just saw a show where Myron  on Food Network Challenge "Champion briscuit cooker" said he got waygu brisket 98.50 sent to his door. Where can you get this ordered from?
  14. raptor700

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  15. smokinal

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    Well now I think that for a special occasion I might just order one. That's a lot of money, but for a special occasion I might get a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue. So I guess it's what floats your boat.
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    has anyone tried the wagyu, are they that much better than angus? I hope to be able to buy one soon, just to see what the fuss is all about!
  18. flbobecu

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    Supposed to be - but they can be tricky to cook, if one is not familiar with Wagyu. I heard the Wagyu brisket cooks a bit quicker, and has a lower "finishing" temp. By that I mean, if I remember correctly, folks that tried them, pulled them a lot sooner than say a Choice brisket. 

    If I were to do one, I would check it every 30 minutes after it reaches 150*, because once you ruin such an expensive piece of meat, there's no turning back. I might be slightly paranoid, but to be honest, they aren't cheap. 
  19. smokenjoel

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    I smoked one last year I won it in a raffle. Man the marbleing on that brisket is nothing like a packer. waguy tast good! I think you can get the at http://www,wagyubrisket.com   They ship it out to you on dry ice
  20. moikel

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    Interesting discussion! Down under its been all about the premium cuts.We were until GFC or whatever its new name is shipping a lot to Japan,but its called wagu from 50% up. I was at our biggest cattle show a while back & an old timer who judges cattle all over the world,Calgery etc told me that an awful lot of Angus cattle got shipped to Japan after WW2 so the idea that its a purely Japanese breed is  historically a bit of a stretch.

    My buddy is this countries undisputed top breeder of beef shorthorn cattle,he keeps a few wagu x amongst his 1300 herd for his own table ,something in that. I buy cuts like topside & pot roast it ,sort of. I pay $20 a kg but I get "mates rates".Its an outstanding product,I  know theres a whole science of marbling scores etc & crazy prices to boot .I cant justify the $$ for sirloin,My late father who ran cattle for many years said the wagu potroast was the best bit of beef he ate in his life & we had good stock that we killed ourselves. Im probablely not much help on the brisket issue BUT I find the marbling means you can cook it to medium without losing anything. It might even help a bit because all the marbled fat melts & fat = flavour. Good luck

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