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    Hi to you all specifically and anyone else experienced with this "toy". I'm interested in smoking pork shoulder, probably around 6 lb. at a time, and I'm hoping to learn from your experiences, either with shoulder or similarly large cuts.

    -- How wet do I want the chips in this thing -- dry, quick-wet, or soaked?

    -- Water in the drip pan -- yes or no?

    -- Do you think I should add more chips than an initial 2 cups for a 6 lb. shoulder? And if so, luv2camp, would you please send me your rack-lifting mechanism, now that you won't be using it? [​IMG]

    BTW, I've been getting total burns on 2 cups of hickory chips in mine -- nothing but ash.
  2. I tried mine both soaked and dry with pretty much the same results....no burn....so I can't be of any help in that department. I firmly believe the heating element under the chip tray was not working.

    And there are differing opinions on the wet vs. dry chips. Your experience will be the best to go by. From what I read on the forums the smoke is absorbed early in the process so the quicker the smoke starts the better off you should be. But keep in mind that is a BEGINNERS opinion.

    I used water a couple of times but there was so much condensation (sweat) that I stopped adding. My last few shoulders were just as moist without as with. If you read in the charcoal smoker forum you will see that the water pans in those are used for temp stabilization more than adding moisture to the meat.

    As far as my Deciduous Particle Replenishment Apparatus (AKA Redneck 3rd Hand.....) clips and hooks are sitting in the garage waiting for me to dream up another use for them. [​IMG]

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