Vertical smoker with a rotisserie

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  1. I have recently purchased a Dyna Glow 43" vertical gas smoker. I want to retro fit a rotisserie and Rib-o-lator into it. Funny thing is...I don't see anyone putting rotisseries into vertical smokers. Is there a reason? I put one in my old Smoky Mountain smoker and it was amazing. Looking for some elaboration on the omission of this mod to a smoker. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Here is my old smoker
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    No reason not too. Many have put them in the UDS smokers and the WSM's. Both vertical wood/charcoal smokers.
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    I agree, no reason no too,  I have one built into my 007 cooker, as does Cfarmer.  You can see the motor  mounted on the side.

  5. Thats perfect. It appears that I will be able to put the rib-o-lator in the dyna glow.its JUST deep enough for the 13 inch diameter I need for the carousel.

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