Vertical Propane Tank Smoker Build

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by mac73, Oct 9, 2011.

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    I am building something a little different after about 15 years of use my Fridge smoker went up in flames.  This time I am building a smoker out of an old 500 gal propane tank.  Unlike everyone else I have decided to build it up right (Vertical) instead of horizontal.  I started with an old tank, shot blasted all the paint off of it, and welded some legs on it.  From there I went and plasma cut the door in it, and welded the hinges on them.  I cut an access door into the bottom to get to my heat source.  I had some shelve brackets made and welded them into the smoker, this way I can remove the shelves.  I have not decided what type of shelve I plan on using.  I am building it so I can heat it with either propane or charcoal.  The propane heat I am building a PID controller to regulate my temp.  I am also going to build a smoke generator for the side, but have not figure out exactly how to do this yet.  Can't wait for the first ribs out of it, my old fridge unit I could smoke 18 rack at one time, I'm thinking at least double that.  I have plenty more work and I will up date with pictures when I get more progress done, for now it's a weekend project. 

  2. More Pics More Pics. I love my UDS but I need more room in a small footprint, your Idea is golden.
  3. Mac, That is going to be one fine cooker.

    Keep the pictures coming.
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    Great idea I like it!
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    Worked on the smoker a little more the last couple weekends.  I have all my removable shelves cut and in place.  I have my gas burner installed when I want to use propane.  I have my fire box done (an old grill).  I have my PID built for my gas control.  I still have to weld my fire box on run a pipe between the firebox and smoker.  Connect my gas valve, and PID to the smoker, weld on my chimney and paint.  I have 5 gallons of used peanut oil to do the first seasoning with, I am going to do it like an old cast iron skillet.  More pictures to come, and my goal is to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving, if not ribs for the wife before.


  6. How has your smoker worked out for you?  Any finished pics?  I have a line on a 120 Gal vertical propane tank,  I was thinking about putting the firebox directly beneath the tank to save space.  Your build is the closest thing I've seen to my idea.  Thanks,  Jim
  7. I'm curious as to how this turned out. Any new pics or updates on this behemoth?
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    Looks great so far.Thumbs Up
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    tell e about the propane set up? nice build.
  10. I want to hear about the propane setup too
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    You are a monster. Get down. To me, a
    'Fridge' sounds like a better idea. If you want even temps, an insulated box will outperform that steel radiator. I'd put a blanket on the bitch.
  12. Here are a few pictures of a Vertical build a friend and I are working on. I'm trying to figure out how I want to do my gas burner. I intend to use wood primarily, but if my wife wants to stick a roast in there I would like her to be able to fire up a burner and use it as an outdoor oven. I need to make one more rack. I also am going to add rods at the top of the tank so I can hang meat like a UDS. Thanks for sharing your pictures and great build! 


  13. HJ McCormick, Here is a picture of a 100 lb. tank vertical build that a friend and I just finished. we put the firebox on the bottom. You can use a removable gas burner or burn wood. There is a 22 inch disk above the burner to act as a baffle and keep grease from dripping down into the gas burner. I have love cooking with my UDS, so I figured this would work out the same. This was a gift for  friend and he says it works great. His first cook was a rack of beef ribs and a couple of tri-tips and they came out nice and tender.

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    Were did y'all get the gas burrner set up? Looks great!

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