Vertical Brinkman Trailmaster Mods

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  1. My buddy who cooks with me in comps loves the vert trailmaster for cooking chicken !! With the mods we do it holds temp at 225-250 easy yet by opening the drafts will go to 350 + in minutes to crisp skin or carmalize sauce without drying out the meat. WE put 1/8th by 1/2 inch nomex gasket around the door, new expanded metal charcoal basket 13 inches dia., We cut a disc out of 1/4 inch plate the diameter of a cook grate as a heat sink/diffuser,and set the waterpan on top of that, we put 1/4 inch bolts between each grate support to give us 4 grates 3 inches apart to cook chicken,and add a firebox vent across from the factory one to make the charcoal burn evenly.


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    Nice job!

    Sure would love to see it in action!

  3. I'll take pics this weekend We are cooking 75 lbs of Chicken wings for 2 peoples choice contests at the kcbs comp we are in at Mohegan Sun Casino in Conn. This weekend. We have 2 Modded the same way, they fit 10 lbs of wings at a time,so they will be going all day sat for the peoples choice sampling, and one sunday morning for the KCBS Chicken. The Trailmaster Horizontal I modified last week is to cook 5 pork butts Friday during the night for the sat peoples choice sampling, it ran so good we're going to use it for the KCBS ribs and Pork butts sunday. The Briskit we'll cook on the little red and black reverse flow I built. Plenty of Q pics going on Monday Morning !!


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