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  1. I work in a restaurant and everyday we receive product not on the menu and we create a special with it. We got venison so I decided to smoke it quick and low with some hickory chips in the convection oven with just the fan on. About 45 minutes and they had a good smell of smoke. So we then pan seared with butter and here it is. I know this is a little different from the posts on this site but I figured youd enjoy nonetheless.
  2. With a purée of parsnip, arugula, cherry tomatoes, and a parsley emulsification. Please excuse bad spelling im french
  3. Looks good from here  [​IMG]   Was it able to take on much smoke flavor like that?
  4. Yes of course. The thing is in the oven it just sits in smoke that stays in the oven. The trick is ti keep it in the middle so it gets just the flavor. Thats what I heard. Plus it was just meant to put a subtle flavor. Ill repost a pic of the oven I work with to give you an idea of what I was working with.
  5. Ok thanks - I've never done any oven smoking. Sounds interesting though...

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