Venison Summer Sausage

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by dwick, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. The second Elk/Deer season in Colorado did not yield much this year because of work obligations from my son's employer..... unfortunately we had to leave early. We did however harvest one small buck and I decided to put the entire critter into Summer Sausage.... Venison style.

    It came out WONDERFUL. Attached are some photos of the casing stuffing process.


    The first grind is of course through the course plate. This is just boneless venison. Shortly it will be combined with the course ground pork butts and then the spices will be mixed and allowed to mellow for about 24 hours.


    This is the course ground pork sitting next to the seasoning that will be throughly mixed soon.


    My new STUFFER. This thing is awesome. Solidly built and saves a lot of wear and tear from my grinder that I usually used to stuff the casings.


    The casings are stuffed and ready for the smoker. The casings are a fibrous casing so the meat really soaks up the smoke. I used a mix of apple and cherry with a hand full of hickory thrown in. Any wood might have worked but I have really started to use of lot of this mix. Sometimes I substitute mesquite for the hickory.

    The casings are preprinted with "Venison Sausage" logo and a buck head. I get off on this type of thing but I also did some plain clear casings. The cost was the same..... why would anyone order them when you can get these... at least if you are doing venison.

    The sausage came out INDESCRIBABLE ! ! ! I have been stuffing sausage since I was 6 years old and had to stand on a box to reach Dad's grinder in his meat shop. I still love messin' with this process.
  2. fpnmf

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    Looking good!!

  3. smokinal

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    The sausage looks really good!

    Great looking grinder & stuffer too!
  4. werdwolf

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    Nice post.  I bet you love that stuffer compared to the grinder for stuffing!
  5. Very nice lookin Sausage. I have a kit here for Summer sausage just don't want to put it

    through the grinder to stuff. Guess I will wait till I get a stuffer.

  6. boykjo

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    looks great..........................[​IMG]....

  7. Looks good, I am getting ready to attempt some Jalapeno/cheese summer sausage out of a deer I got.

    About how much pork to deer would you suggest using?

    I am going to use 1lb of cheese to 10lbs of meat and mix a cup of peppers into that.
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    Looks like a great job
  9. frosty

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    Wow, looks delicious, and one mighty professional job! 
  10. Thank you for all the positive posts ! ! In response to the person that asked about the amount of pork. I used pork butt (shoulder), kept it lean and used about 40% shoulder to venison ratio because of the extreme lean quality of the venison. Good Luck.... 

  11. can you give a lil info where to get the casing how long to smoke what temp and all that stuff my dad wants me to smoke some for him
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    I can't account for this posters recipe but I have made summer sausage quite a bit using pre-packaged kits, it is a great way to start out and is very rewarding. The kits I use (still do) are from Hi country snack and foods (lincoln MT) or High mountain (somewhere in WY). It includes everything you need to make 30lbs of sausage includeing casings, cure, and spices, usually around $15 which is a bargain compared to buying all of the spices. I always cut my game 50/50 with pork for summer sausage or cotto salami. You don't need a stuffer for the bigger casings but if you have one it makes it easier. If you plan on suffing with your grinder...forget it, just make little balls and twist the meat into the casing, kinda like tooth paste. Good luck and have fun!
  13. nepas

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    I like your grinder. I been kicking around getting a Hobart buffalo chopper/grinder for a couple years but my wife just gives me the look.

    Welcome to the SMF Sausage junkie
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    Great lookin sausage
  15. rbranstner

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    Sausage looks great. So what are the stats on the smoke? Times, temps, etc.??
  16. redheelerdog

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    Really nice Dwick,

    I am gearing up to do some my self, looks like yours turned out great! 

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    Very nice job ....and love that old Hobart, My area is full of that old school equipment.  Keep passing on the tradition...again good job!
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    Great job!!!!!!!!!
  19. Can you use fresh jalepenos in your sausage or do they need to be of a special kind?
  20. I vac packed then froze jalapenos without any cooking. Take a package out and while still frozen run through grinder with meat. It grinds them pu and mixes in good. Even with all the seeds and low temp cooking they still loose quite a bit of their heat.

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