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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by sjb3, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. sjb3

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    When it says to add pork what kind of pork do you use to add to lean meat? I know you want to add fat but could a guy use JD breakfast sausage in a pinch?

    I know nothing about cuts of meat or anything about making sausage.
  2. desertlites

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    I thinking they mean a ground pork without a season-like pork roast-shoulder-blade etc. If you don't want to use that get some ground pork fron the meat counter-I would never ruin homeaid sausage with a shelf brand filler-yuck.more sausagemakers be on soon to chime in.
  3. pineywoods

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    We use boston butt at about 1/4--1/3 pound per pound of venison.
    We grind the pork and venison seperate then mix for the final grind
  4. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    i use pork butt for my venison sausage........this last batch i even added some fat back............

    this last batch, i had a mixture of 4 lbs of venison........3 of butt......and 1 of fatback
  5. mossymo

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    I like to add lean pork if making summer sausage or meat sticks, anything you will smoke to 155-160º, freeze, thaw and then eat.

    Then fatty pork (pork trimmings) when making any sausage that I will be freezing and "cooking" later, such as: ring sausage, bulk sausage, brats, polish sausage, andouille, venison bacon, etc. The extra fat helps the product not dry out when it is "cooking".

    Hope I said that right and not confusing..... I think straight, just can't describe my thinking accurately !!!
  6. nh3b's

    nh3b's Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    I know the feeling......Very well put!
  7. erain

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    i kinda do like mossy, i save lean pork trim for summer and stix(by lean i mean like trimmed shoulder or rump-no fat) i save the fat which my mother makes lard out of. i save bellies and hams so they no go in sausage unless making a bunch of sausage and i dont have enuff pork. so what is left all goes to sausage and leaves nice trimmings, can either make straight pork sausage or mix how you prefer with game up to 50/50. also i trim some backfat off porkchops and set that aside and grind and mix with elk or deer for bologna and sometime weiners. i triple grind this to get the smooth texture like boughten,the backfat makes them nice and juicy while leaving no visible trace of fat in product. also i weigh in advance my elk and venison so i know exactly how much trim i need of each lean,reg.and back fat. this gives me a plan as i process my hog and can do the same for those who purchase pork.
  8. I think pork butts are the pork of choice to use when making venison sausage, however, I prefer to use pork trimmings. I just made 75 pounds of different varieties and I bought pork trimmings at my local butcher for $1.09 lb. compared to $1.27 lb. for pork butt at Sam's..Why pay for the bone?? I grind everything except maybe some of the sinew and arteries. I double grind the venison and pork together for everything. Tastes mighty fine to me!
  9. mulepackin

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    I use pork trim that I get from local processors, or the local wholesaler when the recipe calls for porkfat as the fat source (i.e. 80% lean meat, 20% fat). In a pinch I've used bacon ends and pieces from the meat case at the supermarket.
  10. camocook

    camocook Meat Mopper

    I like all venison meat.20% pork fat.Did a lot of experimenting.Go by weight not volume.Made that mistake once,meat weighs more than fat.So try it in a small might like it.Me,I wouldn't put store bought sausage in my venison.
  11. sjb3

    sjb3 Newbie

    Thanks for the info, now I have a better understanding of what is needed.
  12. justsmoke2

    justsmoke2 Smoking Fanatic

    Myself I have been using ground beef for the last 10 years. Nothing over 85% lean any thing leaner will leave with a very dry sausage. I mix and 2 to 1 venison to burger.
  13. camocook

    camocook Meat Mopper

    4 parts venison to 1 part smoked bacon makes a good burger,plus your favorite cheese.Bacon grinds better when frozen.

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