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  1. I was fortunate to harvest a deer this past weekend and was going to make some summer sausage out of the venison.  Should I grind the venison or should I cut the venison up in 1 inch chunks and freeze for when I am going to make the sausage?  Will the seasonings mix better with the already ground venison and pork or mix better by putting the seasoning on the 1 inch chunks and grinding?

    Thanks Bones
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    Now I just about finished with some summer sausage. I'm at the smoking stage now. I would grind the meat and mix it with some pork maybe a butt for the fat content. then mix in your seasonings. Most of them require water so that helps to mae the mixing easier to. Then just stuff them into the casings. I just used a kit that a friend recommanded.
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    Personally I freeze the venison cut into pieces until I get ready to make the sausage.

    I use a mix of 70% venison, 20% pork butts, and 10% beef for my summer sausage
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    This is how I would do it
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    If you have the freezer space, here's a trick I learned:

    Chunk the meat and place it on a SINGLE layer on a cookie sheet (or lots of sheets).  Once they are frozen solid, toss the chunks into a freezer pack and suck out the air. When you go to thaw, it's already loose and thaws faster.

    As you will likely be mixing in other meats (beef, pork, veal etc) for fat and flavor, I prefer to grind my meats together at the time of preparation for better dispersion of fats.

    Also.. I have found that when thawing ground veinison, it gets too "juicy"  and sloppy for me. ::wrinkles nose:: But that may just be personal preference...


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