Venison Burger recipe

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    Hello, fresh new member here wanting to participate :)

    Here is my personal Venison Burger recipe

    1lb Venison

    1/4 lb Breakfast Sausage  —- Something with a higher fat content. I usually buy Farmland -- Don’t buy Maple, Hot or any other flavored sausage, just plain ol’ breakfast sausage

    Finely chopped yellow onion, I put in a food processor so the juice comes out and the pieces are small enough to cook down.

    1 spoon jarred minced garlic

    Several shakes Grill Mates (Or similar) steak seasoning -- Season to your personal taste, I tend to be a minimalist on the spices

    Mix together adding Worcestershire sauce as needed for proper moisture — this amount is not measured but usually 3-4 good shakes does it.

    Let set several hours in refrigerator for things to blend together.

    Cook as you would a Medium Well beef hamburger
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    Sounds like a great recipe.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    T, Sounds good !

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