Valentine's day heart shaped stuffed crust pizza made on the #kamadojoe big joe.

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  1. My Valentine wanted Pizza to celebrate the day. I realized it needed to be stepped up a notch. For the dough Caputo Altima 00 flour was used, with a good Italian Olive oil. The Dough was made from scratch this morning, and allowed to rest all day. The dough proved to stretch easily and easy to shape. A heart shaped pie was formed, cheese was layered at the edge for the stuffed crust, then covered with dough and sealed to prevent the cheese from oozing out. The pie was covered with home made sauce, and topped with diced portabella mushrooms, 4 types of cheese and covered with heart-shaped pepperoni.
    It was cooked on the Kamado Joe Big Joe.

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  2. Then, using the same dough, a second round 16 inch pizza was made.  It was thin crust with a nice thick outer edge.  Canadian bacon was added to all the previous ingredients.  The thin crust had a nice crunchy bite-through. 

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    Keee..Rimaneeee.... That looks AWESOME.... something to brag about I'm thinking...... :2thumbs:
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    That's thinking outside the box!! Very creative and looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks all, it is quite a boost to have two OTBS members approve. 

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