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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gnappi, Feb 9, 2016.

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    I'm just about to get another smoker after a long hiatus. I used to live on an island and fished all the time and once the smoker was stoked up I smoked a lot of what I caught and anything else in the fridge and freezer I could swipe from under my ex's watchful eye :)

    I smoked with all of the conventional woods, and apple / pear tree wood (still have some) as well as grape vine.

    So I moved into my new house and planted MANY exotic fruit trees and now they are mature enough to begin trimming larger branches and drying them for smoking. I'm wondering if anyone has tried any of the following and has comments on results and favor:

    Jaboticaba, carambola, lychee, jakfruit, sapodilla, canistel (jaks, saps, and canistel have latex I don't think they will work?) persimmon, guava, Anonna (sugar apple, atemoya etc.)  loquat. 

    There are also several mango trees on my property, and I know some people have used the wood after curing. Mango, their leaves and wood/bark are not an allergen on me so this would be a great wood to use as it's plentiful. I have some southern live oak and peach too which I plan on using.
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    Welcome to the board! You're on the right track, the exotic Smoky Hiatus (Fumus Haitus) is an excellent smoking wood, and it's already lit when you cut it.
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    And may I ask what you are smoking? :)
  4. bluewhisper

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    Wait until you learn about lighting a chimney.

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