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Discussion in 'Pork' started by sign guy, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. The Short Story-  Mom bought a new Traeger Pellet Smoker, and 1/3 the way into our first smoke with it, it broke.  Serious bummer, but the people at Traeger are awesome, had me run a test, figured out what was wrong, and a week later, smoker is running again!!  The sent out a new switch/motherboard assembly pronto.  Any who ..... head over to mom's, fix the smoker, run a short test, and Bingo,  we have smoke, again!!  Then she says, "Here, smoke this and you can take it home".  OK, so I just cleared the next 3 hours off my schedule.!!

    3 1/2 lb. Pork Loin Center Cut ..... Seasoned the meat with Lawry's Seasoning and fresh Ground Pepper Corn.  cooked/smoked at a temp of 240 for 2 1/2 hours, and internal temp was about 155*-160* in the center.  OH .... and about 20 minutes into the smoke, I drizzled the top with maple syrup.  I mean, Come On ..... Who doesn't like Sweet Meat?!?!?!

    Took the Pork off the grill, and wrapped it with tinfoil and let the meat "relax" for 30+ minutes.  Time to let the juices settle and rehydrate the meat.   And ....... DAAAAAAAAAAMMN ..... For not using Jeff's Rub, which I normally do, this thing was Fricken AWESOME!!!!!

    This is not my normal plan for smoking, But .... Did I tell you, ........ this is only the 3rd time I have ever smoked before?!?!  Seriously fun!!!!

    1st time was a Pork Butt ..... Shredded Pork BBQ!!!!

    2nd time was ribs!!!!  2 racks ..... broken smoker after 2 hours into them, but enough smoke got on them, and finished them in the grill .... Awesome Ribs!!!!!!!!

    3rd time ..... Unscheduled .... Pork Loin Center Cut.  

    Sorry if this is lengthy, but I amVERY new to smoking .... and OBVIOUSLY VERY EXCITED.  I mean..... Check out that smoke ring!!    Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for reading .....

    Sign Guy by day....... Smoker by night!!
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    That post put a huge smile on my face.  Great looking pork loin.  Congrats all around!
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    Great job!

    Sometimes simple is better on seasonings. Too many flavors will take away from the meat and smoke flavors. SPOG is one of my favorites. What is SPOG you ask? Well it is just a simple salt (kosher or sea salt for me), pepper (ground black), granulated onion and garlic. I dont really have an exact ratio of them, injus go by taste...

    Now lets see 4, 5, 6, 7, etc....
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    I like surprise Smokes like that , looks great [​IMG]  . Thank your Mom... the q-view was nice...
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    Looks delicious Sign Guy!  Sounds like you're hooked!  [​IMG]

    Very nicely done!


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