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    A burglar broke into a dark house which he thought was abandoned.
    While slowly walking through the living room he heard a voice say, "Jesus is watching you".
    Terrified he stopped! After a minute he resumed his trip through the room.
    The voice than said, "Jesus is still watching you".
    His eyes finally adjusted to the low light.
    He spotted a bird cage in the corner of the room. Inside was a parrot.
    He walked over and said, "Was that you talking to me".
    The parrot said, "yep; that was me".
    "Whats your name?", the burglar questioned.
    "Moses", the parrot answered.
    The burglar then asked, "Who would name their parrot Moses?".
    The parrot then replied, "The same person who named the PitBull Jesus".
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    Oldie but still a goody.. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] ...yeesh.[​IMG]
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    Uh Oh! Bad guys in trouble now!

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