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  1. I just started my very first smoke... ever.  On my new MES 30 digital.   (feeling a little nervous about the whole thing)   I figured I'd jump in to the deep in - I have a rack of ABTs, a rack of veggies to make JJs Au Jus, and a 2# tri tip.   The whole thing has been going for about 15 minutes, nice smoke coming out of the vent... I just realized that after my several days of research here, I don't know if the vent is supposed to be all the way open... closed... half way... ???   

    Any help?

    also... I'm going at 225 degrees, and I'm figuring on about 2.5 to 3 hours.... does that sound right?
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    I don't have that smoker, and I've never smoked ABTs, so I can't help you there. But, if you drink, relax and have a beer, open the vent and wait for someone who does know what to do to reply. Really, how bad could it get if you did some research. Just use what you learned.
  3. Ok, I don't have that kind of smoker, but if you got temps of 225 and smoke, sounds like you're on your way. Relax and enjoy. I would check doneness after 2 hours. You'll be able to tell if they need more time. All you want is the bacon done to your liking. Have fun and good luck. Really, you'll be fine.
  4. WOW!  I went out at the 1hr mark to add the au jus broth to the veggies... the tri tip IT was already 135!   GAH!!!! The potatoes aren't even on yet.  :^/

    I'm pulling the meat, and will leave it under foil for a while... got the potatoes on... will go ahead and just do the boil/simmer on the au jus, even though the broth hasn't had a chance to sit in the smoker.  The spuds, au jus and the ABTs can all sit for another 30 min while the meat simmers... I guess?

    I'll probably throw the tri tip onto the grill for a few minutes per side to bark it up a little bit, once everything else is getting close. 

    This didn't quite go how I had it all planned out.  
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