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  1. I'm about to build another UDS and I was wondering if there is anything wrong with placing the thermometer in the lid? I put it  the side about halfway up on the last one and the probe gets in the way when placing or removing grates. Not a huge deal but it would be easier if its not in the way. I know I can just go with wired or wireless but I'd rather keep it cheap. Thanks
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    Centuryonly, morning....  You can put the therm where ever it works for you.....   Remember it is only a reference...   Place a temp probe where the meat is...  the difference between the 2 therms is a normal thing....  then you have to remember the difference between the 2 zones in the future and compensate for it...  There will be a difference between different rack heights also... Note those also.....  Your installed therm will be close enough for cooking temps ....

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