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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by probeast, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. About to start my first UDS build and had a question for existing UDS builders as to stands.  I'm planning on putting the newly constructed UDS on a wood deck so assuming it'll need a stand so it's not directly on the wood.  What are you guys using for stands for your UDS?  I've seen some dollies made for the drums on the internet and seen other people just put a couple of bricks underneath it.  Since it'll be fairly prominent on the back deck, want to make sure it looks good, so curious to get thoughts of what works/doesn't work.

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    On my first UDS I mounted four 5" dia. Swivel casters right to the bottom of the drum. At the time I wasn't much of a welder so that was my best option. Worked great.
  3. ahinsch

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    I just used 1 1/4" flat stock welded to the side of drum in triangle. Drilled a hole through both sides for axle and mounted wheels on axle. Then I bent some more flat stock and welded to bottom to hold the other side off the ground.
  4. timberjet

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    If you build your fire basket right you will never get the bottom of that barrel hot enough to damage your deck FYI. Make sure you have feet on your basket and an ash catch pan like this.... I have seen guys weld or bolt an entire hand truck on to their uds. I find my barrel is light enough I can easily lift it if I need to move it. Point is, if you want wheels fine but they are not totally necessary right away. 

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  5. ahinsch

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    However, with wheels and a stand it moves around much easier.
  6. timberjet

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    Yessir. I suppose if I had a deck I would have some casters on there too.... happy smoking.
  7. smok-e-j

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    I personally have mine on the dirt in the yard.  I'm with timberjet though if you have feet on your basket the bottom should not get hot enough to cause damage to the deck.  If you don't want to take the chance though i would use some type of bricks to set it up on.  

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