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    I had so much fun building it and the original post was lost so I thought I would put it up again. [​IMG]

    UDS 1.0a came about becasue the drum for UDS 1.0 had that %$#%&^ orange liner in it that is a real PIA to get out. So . . . I found a barrel with a much more congenial interior . . .

    There was orange on the inside of the lid . . .

    but it was just paint.

    Some quick work with the wire wheel and we were ready to build.

    Pretty standard design . . . three 3/4" intakes 2" from the bottom . . .
    and I went with eight 1/2" holes on the top.

    A "no weld" charcoal basket (thanks for posting that, Bubba ) with 3-1/2" bolts for legs puts the charcoal grate 3" from the bottom.

    It is 13.5" x 8" and will hold 18 pounds of charcoal easily. Plenty for a brisket . . . and then some I am sure.

    Toss on a 22.5" Weber cooking grate 24" above the charcoal grate and she's ready to cook.

    Here she is on her maiden voyage.

    Added an ash pan made from a cheapo table top grill body.

    Put some bolts in it to keep it centered and even drilled holes to line up with the intakes because on one of my early smokes with it. the ash pan slid to the side and was blocking one of the intakes. Guess I got a little carried away shaking the ash loose.

    I added a "lid hook" made from some 3/4" x 1/8" flat bar . . .

    for hanging the lid on the side.

    Also added a rack about halfway up for . . . something.

    Haven't really used it yet, but it's there in case I want to put in a heat shield or drip pan or something. Initially I thought I would use it to set the charcoal basket on if I wanted to do some high heat grilling. I did a tri-tip with mesquite lump in the basket in it's normal location and had PLENTY of heat at the grate so I don't know if raising the charcoal basket is necessary or not.

    Made a dolly for it, put some handles on and here it is complete.

    No need to adjust your monitor. I need to learn to hold the camera a little more level, I guess.

    I have since replaced the Tel-tru thermo with a Spicewine because it had a longer stem. I also drilled out the exhaust holes to 3/4" to get about the same exhaust area as a 2" bung hole but spread out around the lid.

    And, that's about it. Thanks for looking.


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