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  1. My smokes have been a little too sucessfull lately and NOW I have a friend who wants me to do a Brisket! AND a different Firend a pork shoulder SO it Sounded like a good challenge so I made the Preperations and A awoke this morning to put it on .. a bit strange I was having one of those dreams where you dream you alarm clock is going off and then freak out and wake yourself up to find that the alarm is going to go off in 5 minutes.. PERFECT! but both alarms were and hour late DARN! I started the fire at 5am ... and already in hind sight it should have been 4am!

    The Brisket is a 6 pounder.. rubbed with a spicy chilli rub. and is going to be on with two pork shoulders, dudestrami and a mac and cheese later!

    9lb pork shoulder bone(MINE) in on left and the 6LB brisket (FRIEND A)on right..
    at the beginning

    The Dudestrami(MINE) on the left and the little 4lber pork shoulder on the right ( friend B)

    We recently Moved and this is my NEW kitchen.. I HATE renting!

    Stay Tuned More Que-View on it way

    AFTER THEsE messages WE'll be RIGHT back!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Looks good,....and I've had those "dreams" too. Looks like your dinner will be a little latter than planned, oh well..[​IMG]

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    I like the new cookin area it looks like it will work just fire. The food looks good and you are a good friend or you just like to smoke alot. I will be waiting for the later Q.
  4. Looking good! That is the prob with making good Q. Folks always seem to want more. From one Rotorhead to another... Have fun!
  5. I just put on the dudestrami and the little shoulder..
    and some Eggs..

    And re applied some majic

    Just to blow some minds
  6. Here is the meats at 6hrs ... looking good thats for sure!

    Brisket has platued at 155... and SO has the Pork! heres to the low and slow!

    AND One of the friends that are contributing wants to make a fattay!! so I get to do the tutorial and make him do a weave!! I post when he gets going in the approriate ZONE..

  7. SO after the platue and the WIND ALL day! it was finally ready to eat.. at 830 or so ... had some hungry guests.. 15 or so .. and I had to make it plain to them that its gonna be done when its done!

    The pulled pork 9lber came off the Smoker at 165 and went into the "O" to make room for the other apps. the little 4lb shoulder came off about an hour later... again in to the "O" took them out at 205 in to the cooler for a hour of patience.... WAIT its still not done... ok now its done...

    The Pork was great... the rasberry kool-aid rub
    (Points to the Creator and the one who posted )
    that I discovered here has made its impression on me .. and tie that with a capt morgan, apple juice, molasses, and maple syrup spritz and it is very sweet with a hearty bark.. both the big and the little shoulders got the same .. and were finished at tableside with SoFlaQers finishing ... Love the tang on the sweet!

    I had two friends in on this Q one for a Brisket (see BEEF) and another with the little shoulder... Teaching them how easy it is to smoke and to try and convert ... its not to hard! they also both sucessfully made apps too.. one made a fattay and one made ABTs.. (See Fatties)

    SO with out further ADO...

    THE Que VIEW!

    Thanks for looking ...

    may all your smokes be tasty...



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