Two Boston Butts (First Q-View Attempt)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by outd00rs, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. outd00rs

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    Had two butts in the freezer that I wanted to pull out and smoke. Wanted to do them both so I could store some away for an upcoming poker game next month. First piece of meat was 6 lbs and the second was almost 6 lbs.

    Prepped last night with a homemade rub and mustard

    Wanted to get an early start this morning but couldn't get out of bed on time. About the time I got the charcoal going I got a call from my wife saying the car was totally dead outside the post office. I proceeded to put the WSM completely together without the meat, shut all the dampers... hoping to get back before I killed the fire. Had to dress the kids who were still in PJs and hit the road. Luckily the post office is 5 minutes from our house. Located the problem - the positive terminal had popped off so I got it back in place and high-tailed it back home. Didn't feel real comfortable leaving the smoker unattended on the back deck. Got going around 10:00 AM. (Knew I'd be in for a long day) Ended up finishing around 8:30 this evening

    Got the meat on. Smoked with Pecan and Apple.

    Pulled the pork at 160 to foil it. Spritzed with apple juice and Jack Daniels every hour or so.

    Ready to be foiled

    Pulled the meat off when the smaller butt hit 203. Larger piece was about 199.

    Smoke Ring

    Half of the pull done... one more to go...

    All Done. Got some meat to freeze now

  2. It looks like they turned out really nice. I am doing butt's myself today. I have one on the counter doing its rest and one still in the smoker. I bought a pack that had two different sizes so one finished before the other. How are you going to serve them? Are you doing traditional pulled pork sandwiches?
  3. seboke

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    Awesome looking butts, great job!
  4. desertlites

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    kewl-looks great-did 1 today also-pulled at 200-in cooler now-not only the smoke but the wifes car.
  5. outd00rs

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    Going to serve some of it as pulled pork tomorrow and I'll put some aside for something I tried with a previous smoke. Got the idea of from reading through the posts on this great board.

    Cook up some black beans and rice
    Mix beans and rice
    Pulled pork
    enchilada sauce in a mixing bowl

    Heat some tortillas in enchilada sauce to make the pliable (fry in a large skillet - each side).

    Fill the inside of the tortilla with the mix and roll. Place 6 tortillas - or as many as will fit in your oven safe dish. Cover with remaining sauce and cheese and heat at 250 - 300 for about 20 minutes.

  6. bubba t

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    Awesome Job....
    They look Sweet!...and I'll bet they taste the same.
    Got a couple goin' my own self-- gotta go!
  7. bbq enthusiast

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    409 does a great jod cleanin the messes too![​IMG]

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