Twice flavored, pineapple chipotle bbq chicken.. Yummmm.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by reekslikesmoke, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Hi everyone. Not the easiest recipe but well worth it. Ive had this for years ( like over 10) but never made it but here it goes. I hope you enjoy!!

    The victims:

    This is the first flavoring using parsley, brown sugar, jalapenos,garlic,lime jice and zest,thyme and salt. Made a paste and put it under the skin. Smoked it for one hour with apple wood.

    The second flavoing was the pineapple, chipotle BBQ sauce that it marinated in for 24 hours. It used alot of stuff including onion. bell pepper, dark corn syrup, honey,soy sauce, Dijon musterd, roasted pineapple,cider vinegarand tomato paste.and a few other things Im sure Im forgetting.

    Now for the finish. It was done over a grill at about 350o degrees. Basted with reserved BBQ
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    That does look good...ingredients sound even better!

    Nice color...good smoke!

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    Sitting hear looking at the SMF and watching Iron Chef and the secret ingredient is PINEAPPLE. How ironic. This poor guy is getting killed. Looks like he could have used your help tonight.

    That all looks awesome.

    I have one small tip for you though. On the pict of the smoker in front of the garage...the wood goes INSIDE the smoker, not on top.
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    Dude, thats funny!! I like to think im flavoring the meat through osmosis as well. LOl
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    I dont know why but I guess I posted this twice before I was done. If a moderator could erase the first, uncomplete one that would be great.


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    If you could delete this one that would be great!!


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