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  1. I am going to be smoking a 12lbs. turkey in the next couple of days and was thinking about using adler wood. I have never used it before so I have know idea what the flavor is going to be like.Is this a good wood for turkey?
  2. rivet

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    I used alder wood for my pastrami and it was perfect. Alder is a gentle flavored wood that will go perfectly with poultry, especially a turkey which will be under smoke a lot longer than a chicken. You will be enjoying a fine turkey, bud!
  3. fire it up

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    Nothing wrong with using alder for a turkey.
    I love the flavor of apple and the look of cherry on poultry but I'm sure alder will make for one tasty bird.
    Good luck.
  4. rcaf36

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    Another Newbie here with questions about smoking a turkey: Preparation (Rub etc.,) Wood chips to use (I am using a charcoal grill and controling the temp with a pan of water over the hot side,) What should the internal temperature be when fully cooked, how long for a 12-15# bird and any other tips youmight have.

    Will thank you in advance because I know I'll get good stuff from you.  
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    This is just my personal way of doing a turkey, But maybe I can get you started in the right direction; For a rub I like the basic rub with dried Italian seasoning( thyme, oregano, etc) For the wood I like Hickory or pecan, These can be over powering on a long smoke so you don't need to use too much. For the internal I go for a 170* and then tent for about an hour (if you can wait) For the time it's unknown, I usually go by temp not time. Get the temp up around 250*-275* and let it smoke ;-)  I hope I have helped in some (small) way. Good Luck and lets see the Q-view   [​IMG]
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    Thanks,  Raptor 700. Your advice sounds as the road to a great smoke. Have to wait a little, though,  my child bride just came in from the market with a couple of T bones and two beautiful racks of ribs. She was so impressed with the ribs I smoked for her birthday last week that she bought more... .Good on me!

    I'll keep you all up to speed re smoking activities here in the frozen North.

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