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  1. I'm gonna bust out my new smoker and do a turkey. What's the ideal cooking time per pound on a bird? I smoked a turkey before but it was 12 years ago, so its like my first one again.
    and what would be the correct internal temp to cook to, 165? Thanks in advance
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    Whew, you got a big question. O.K., here we go. First is safety, place the Turkey in the cooking pot and fill water to just covering the turkey. This is your oil line, mark it on the outside. Next, mix a Brine of water to cover with a cup of Salt and one of Brown Sugar, heat " lower the bird into the hot oilthis ( with any other spice you want in it -Garlic,Onion,ect,) until disolved and cool with Ice or it will stratto cook the Bird, a no-no. Place it in the cooler (Fridge ,weighed down to keep it under water) for 24hrs, then remove and dry very well ans season with whatever you want.

    Now , outside, carefully light the burned and get the temp. up to 350* F atleast,375*F would help bring the temp. back quicker. Then turn off the Gas, and "Slowly" lower the Turkey into the hot oil,I said slowly. It will still bubble a lot , but you won't catch fire and ruin the day.

    Get it lit again and take it to 350*F for 12min,/lb. of raw Bird. when done, again turn off the fire and slowly remove the Beast letting it drain well, let it rest 5-10 mins. and slive into Heaven.Even the Dark meat is juicy. The IT should be orve 165*F by now,check before turning the fire off just in case.Have some Cranberry Compote on habd and  your other sides and enjoy the meal.

    Using a cheese cloth, strain the oil when stil a bit warm , and save it in the jug it came in , in a cool dark place. It will be good for some more cooking.Don't gey water in it,as it will gorancid quick.

    Now, most important this week, remember our fall and serving Heros, they keep us safe from things like 911.

    Have fun and as always . . .
  3. okay I wasn't specific but I'm smoking it, not frying it. Thanks anyway though
  4. I picked up a five pound bird, ill post Saturday night as I start cooking him

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