Turkey tips?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by fletch, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. fletch

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    I will be doing a 12 pound turkey whole this weekend along with some ribs, ABTs and a fatty. My question, since this is my first turkey, is do I put the bird right on the rack breast down or do I use a pan under it. I ask this only because the only smoked turkey I had was years ago a friend of a friend did three big turkeys for us at a party in a big side box tow behind smoker. They were freakin delicious, but even better he had all the juices that we were dipping the meat into that was just the best. I would like to have the juice but I do not want to impeded any part of my turkey from smoking. Do I put a pan on a rack just under the turkey? Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Personally, I stand mine up beer can style, and spray them with apple cider. But I spray everything with apple cider.
  3. fletch

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    That is a thought for doing it, do you use a big Foster style can!![​IMG]
  4. deejaydebi

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    I'd brine it first ....
  5. richoso1

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    With all the white on a big bird, I would definetly brine it. I have found it to be benefical to any poultry. Make sure you're using a water pan, that also helps keeping it moist and away from direct heat.
  6. fletch

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    Yup, I am brining and a touch of rub. Will use a liquid pan. I was wondering the best way to have a pan of dripping left for dipping and if the bird should sit in the pan like the oven or on a rack and put pan a rack under. And if I do the pan under and use water, beer, wine whatever also do I just use this.

    Bla I am not explaining this well! The turkeys I had the guy had them in pans and they has all the juices in the bottom and it was great. I do not want to lose that. And how to do it best. As in separate water pan at the bottom, then a drippings pan, then the turkey, then my ribs....
  7. cheech

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    You can place the bird in a pan however the thing that you loose is a crispy outside of the bird. If you want crispy and keep the juices I would place a pan under the rack that the bird is on. Rack 1 is the bird rack 2 is a pan to catch the drippings
  8. Actually, I've got a turkey stand. Made for beer can turkey. Just a 12 oz can in the stand filled with favorite beverage. ( Ie beer, apple cider, wine....) place in a pan. As I smoke the turkey, I spray it an baste it with the drippings. I also inject them with apple cider before smoking to help the moistness.
    My own style, hope it give you some ideas.
  9. fletch

    fletch Newbie

    Thanks guys, I will let you know how it goes.
  10. johnd49455

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    Last Thanksgiving I did a 16# turkey using a recipe I had with my CG w/ SFB.
    It called for no brine but wrapping the bird with wet cheese cloth & keeping the cheese cloth wet by moping it every hour. The skin was not crisp but the bird was super juicy & very good with a great smoky flavor. It was cooked breast down.

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